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Powerhouse Convening

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March, 2019
The Giving Practice

Designing and facilitating powerhouse convenings is a set of strategies and approaches that invite you to show up as an adventurer in working “better together.” This guide provides the tools needed to begin the adventure, centered on 10 Doorways. Each doorway starts with a brief theory behind the concept followed by “Try This” exercises offering more structured tools for exploration. These prompts will help engage groups whether they are in a starting or sustaining phase.

Powerhouse Convening:

  • Develops shared leadership, regardless of anyone’s standing.
  • Generates trusted relationships, shared curiosity and group sensemaking—all of which fosters innovation while avoiding groupthink.
  • Reveals issues and insights we might otherwise shy away from.
  • Bolsters courage, passion and co-creation.
  • Opens new pathways for action.
  • Creates impact that none of the participants could have achieved individually.



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