We provide facilitation support on a range of projects, from small team meetings to 200-person convenings. We work with clients to design a process that encourages participants to bring their best selves to the conversation. We incorporate frameworks and theory that help groups understand dynamics and systems. And we create an environment that deepens trust, encourages healthy debate, highlights the wisdom in the room, and welcomes surprises and laughter.

A few examples of facilitation engagements include:

  • We worked with Empire Health Foundation to design and facilitate the board retreat, taking special care to address the growing complexity of integrating subsidiary organizations and working in collaborations.
  • We have facilitated three cohorts of foundation CEOs working together to embed diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations and personal leadership.
  • We are working with the Giving by All initiative at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and facilitate a two-day, 150-person convening focused on improving quantity and quality of individual giving.

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