Amplifying Community Voices: A behind-the-scenes look at Renton Regional Community Foundation's journey to transform their role in community

Amplifying Community Voices: A behind-the-scenes look at Renton Regional Community Foundation's journey to transform their role in community
April 6, 2023

Together: Stories of South King County (#TogetherSKC) is a storytelling project that shares the nuances of South King County nonprofit leaders’ work, the beauty of their communities and their visions for the future of their region through a series of videos.

Above: #TogetherSKC community leaders on the work of seeing our own and each other's humanity.

The project is community-designed, with stories coming directly from non-profit leaders themselves.

So, where does a regional community foundation fit into this work?

Renton Regional Community Foundation (RRCF) Executive Director LeAnne Moss has been working side-by-side with the community designers of #TogetherSKC – listening, taking their lead, and providing capacity, thought partnership and resources to help push the often-overlooked voices of this region forward. “Smaller non-profits in South King County have historically been overshadowed by larger Seattle-based groups – struggling for recognition and, most importantly, funding. One of our non-profit partners shared in a recent meeting, ‘We are here. We have been here. We just need more resources to do our work.’ Through #TogetherSKC we’re shining a spotlight on these organizations and hoping to create pathways to more resources for them,” LeAnne shared.

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Five years earlier, RRCF’s work with community looked very different. “It was ‘money in money out’” LeAnne shared. “It very much felt like we were a transactional bank, and that’s what we had been doing for years.” As LeAnne and TGP Senior Advisor Lisa Fisher – who has been supporting the foundation’s work since 2018 with other TGP colleagues – can attest, this transformation from transactional donor-focused work to relational community-centered work did not happen overnight. Below they share a behind-the-scenes look at the foundation’s journey and explore what deepening partnership with and power shifting to community have looked like through #TogetherSKC.

Screenshot image of video call with LeAnne, Lisa and Aya

Above: TGP in conversation with RRCF Executive Director LeAnne Moss (top left)


Thank you, LeAnne and Lisa, for your perspectives and insights.  

How did RRCF's evolution from donor-focused to community-centered work begin? 


Can you share more about the experience of naming this evolution together with the board? 


What was the process like to drive conversations around racial equity and bridge that gap between the board and community leaders?


How did #TogetherSKC surface alongside RRCF's conversations on role and community?


Can you talk about the process behind the videos and how it supported the goal of amplifying community voices?


What roles did you personally play throughout the project?


As you reflect on the project, what has been your biggest lesson learned?


What call-to-action do you have for other funders watching the videos and listening to these leaders' stories? 


To learn more about #TogetherSKC and listen to the first installation of stories visit  

Storytellers include...

  • Roxana Pardo Garcia (La Roxay Productions & Co-Founder and Executive Director, Alimentado al Pueblo)
  • Linsay Hill (Community Healer)
  • La Tanya Horace-DuBois (Founder and Executive Director, Silent Task Force)
  • Diana Veronika Krishna (Program Coordinator, Swedish Hospital)

...with videography by Michael B. Maine and Gavin Sullivan. 

A second installation will be shared in May with Efrem Fesaha (Founder and Co-owner, Boon Boona Coffee) and Felicia Hudson (Entrepreneur & non-profit leader)  

Thank you to Satterberg Foundation whose support funded #TogetherSKC. 

If you are looking for support in organizational transformation, please reach out to us at

Lisa Fisher is a Senior Advisor at The Giving Practice. 

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