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March 2024 | The Giving Practice

You may have noticed a few updates on our website, including an evolved logo and other tweaks to our branding. Our refreshed look and feel reflect the exciting ways that we’ve been evolving as a practice over the years, and we’re eager to take this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves and share...

Feature blueberry graphic that says in white "Hello, We're The Giving Practice at Philanthropy Northwest!" in the middle and at the bottom of the graphic are all 12 headshots of TGP senior advisors
March 2024 | The Giving Practice

“We want to see every student be successful in whatever way success looks for them. And I believe that what we do can support that,” Spencer Lewis, director of Policy Services at the Oregon School Board Association (OSBA), shared with us.  

Spencer is on OSBA’s Equity Team alongside 10...

Feature image that says: "Laying the Groundwork to Operationalize Equity. A Cinversation with the Oregon School Board Association's Equity Team." with headshots of Spencer Lewis and Jean Chiappisi
February 2024 | The Giving Practice

Can we talk about…? began as an experiment based on an observation: For the complex, messy work of advancing race equity, the most valuable tool often isn’t a tool at all. It’s peer support.

The podcast, from The Giving Practice at Philanthropy Northwest, builds on 10 years of...

Podcast feature image that says "Saying the Real Stuff Out Loud" Themes from Season 1 of Can we talk about...? on leading for racial equity at the board level with headshots of all the guest speakers
December 2023 | The Giving Practice

As foundation staff and boards continue to do the critical work of consciousness raising*, relationship-building and culture-shifting along their racial equity** journeys we’re increasingly hearing our clients ask, “What’s next?” “How do we go deeper?” “How do we put our commitment into practice...

Feature image with blue background, white TGP logo in the right bottom corner, and a graphic with three people on different size blocks. Title reads: What is an equity filter? slowing down to reshape "business as usual"
December 2023 | The Giving Practice

Bringing younger generations into the governance of family foundations is exciting and a bit complicated. When the governing generation “hands over the keys,” it often prompts families to reconsider the impact and legacy of their wealth.

For the Kelleys, it was also an opportunity for...

Featured image with headshot of Craig Kelley on left side. Title on right side reads "Navigating Generational Transitions: A conversation with Craig Kelley on bringing a new generation into the Lora  Martin Kelley Family Foundation."
November 2023 | The Giving Practice

In the video below, Senior Advisor Mark Sedway walks through one of our most used exercises with clients. We call it the Evolutions Exercise and for years we’ve used it to help foundations, philanthropy-serving organizations and other non-profits name, embrace and live into change. 


Feature image with blue background, white TGP logo in the right bottom corner, and a graphic with a person going journeying from A to B. Title reads:Exercise: Evolutions; Naming, embracing and living into change.
September 2023 | The Giving Practice

I was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States with my family when I was 8 years old. Growing up in predominantly white communities, I wasn’t always able to name or articulate the problem of racism and the multiple layers of inequities because, like most people growing up in...

Featured Image: On a blue background there is an image of Katie to the left, with an illustration of a paper plane above her. To the right is the title of the piece, "Reflections on My Journey in Supporting Critical Conversations on Race." and the TGP log

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