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Moving Affinity Groups to Policy Work

April 22, 2015,
11:00am to 12:00pm

Based on interviews with members of regional association affinity groups, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers has created a self-assessment tool and planning checklist to help affinity groups engaging in policy work determine how well they’re set up for success. During this webinar, Mark Sedway from The Giving Practice will review the tools and we'll hear from members of regional associations that are engaging affinity group policy work.

Learning About Leadership in Role: A Professional Development Workshop

October 24, 2014,
9:30am to 1:30pm

While we know philanthropic work is infinitely interesting, it also poses infinitely interesting challenges. Whether it's completing a complex grant negotiation, making a convincing case for a new program direction, managing a floundering project, questioning a strategic choice, or sustaining collaboration among foundations and partners, we all face dilemmas of leadership in role.

Pretty Good Tool: Reality Checklist

The key in designing an organizational strategy, we have found, is similar to designing any tool: you need to figure out how you want to use it. Think of your strategy more as verb than noun - you need it to function. To help with that, we have designed this Pretty Good Tool. We have used it with clients to help them name what they want a strategy to do and then regularly get a reality check on how close their strategy is to doing it.

Pretty Good Tool: Champion Checklist

We've identified four practices that effective champions use to bring more FANS to their cause: Framing (using ideas for influence), Asking (using inquiry for influence), Networking (using connections for influence), and Storytelling (using emotions for influence). This Pretty Good Tool is designed to help you work on these four practices and sharpen your strategy.

Pretty Good Tool: Collaboration Readiness

Does your organization have what it takes to be an effective collaborator? This Pretty Good Tool from the consultants at The Giving Practice helps you assess and improve your collaborative mindset. After testing an early version of this at an Independent Sector conference session, we have been using this as a guide with several funder collaboratives.


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