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April 2023 | The Giving Practice

Authors inlude Abby Sarmac, in addition to those listed above.  

If, across philanthropy, we are working to build and deepen trust — between funders and grantee partners,...

Ingredients and Indicators of Trust: Breaking down the big buzzword. Blue background with white text. Floral pattern in top right and bottom left corners.
April 2023 | The Giving Practice

In the video below, Senior Advisor Mark Sedway walks through an exercise we do with many of our clients called Sort & Share. It can be done in-person or virtually, and we’ve found that it helps groups wade into strategic tensions or dilemmas together while moving towards deeper alignment....

Exercise: Sort & Share. Wading into strategic tensions together. Video. Icons of people speaking to one another in a line.
April 2023 | The Giving Practice

Together: Stories of South King County (#TogetherSKC) is a storytelling project that shares the nuances of South King County nonprofit leaders’ work, the beauty of their communities and their visions for the...

Amplifying Community Voices: A behind-the-scenes look at Renton Regional Community Foundation's journey to transform their role in community
December 2022 | The Giving Practice

We are thrilled to share a new series that we're testing out called, "Ask TGP," where our consultants will be answering questions about topics, concepts or frameworks that are top of mind for leaders in philanthropy like you. 

In this first session, Senior Advisors Abby Sarmac and...

Featured Image with Title: Ask TGP. What is "sitting in the muck?" Headshots of Lisa Fisher and Abby Sarmac to the left.
December 2022 | The Giving Practice

In 2022 we had the privilege of working with the board and staff of Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (GWP) as they embarked on a strategy process amidst the transition of a long-time leader. We were struck by the exceptional leadership of strategy committee co-chairs, Kristy Trautmann (...

Reflections on Board Leadership and Transformation with Kristy Trautmann and Michele Rone Cooper, Interview
November 2022 | The Giving Practice

Search for “Evaluation and Learning Frameworks” in Google and at the top of the results you’ll find a list of scholarly articles including empirical reviews and research papers.

“The professionalizing of evaluation…doing controlled trials, using rigid scientific, academic processes tends...

Exploring Characteristics of Learning and Evaluation for Power Shifting Featured Image on Blue Background with Iconography of light bulb, pen, ear, and mouth
August 2022 | The Giving Practice

Last month, NASA famously released images from the James-Webb telescope, providing the world with a previously unseen perspective of our universe. These awe-inspiring photographs amplify our curiosity about what exists among the stars and how it connects to us here on earth. This inquisitiveness...

TGP's Summer Reading List 2022