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December 2021 | The Giving Practice

In a year filled with unprecedented complexity and uncertainty, we've walked alongside our clients as they've reflected deeply on their organizations and what is being called of them in the moment. We've supported them as they've pivoted, tested new ideas and moved forward with courage to...

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November 2021 | The Giving Practice

As we support clients on their strategy development journeys, we often refer to the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” (inspired by ...

Getting to Clarity with Cathy Cha: Unpacking the role of culture and identity in strategy with Cathy Cha
November 2021 | The Giving Practice

Each year, thousands of long-distance hikers — also known as thru-hikers — embark on 2,000+ mile journeys by foot. For those who choose the Pacific Crest Trail – a 2,655-mile trail from Mexico to Canada – for example, day one comes with a 1,200-foot climb that puts their confidence of completing...

Navigating Racial Equity Leadership Together: Reflections on the Power of Peer Support
October 2021 | The Giving Practice

Building cultures and practices that address racial equity can be one of the most complex and challenging experiences of a leader’s career. When there’s no map to follow, no magical checklists that tell you you’re doing it right – peer cohorts offer a critical space for self-reflection, testing ideas and sustaining commitment. This report captures our observations across nine years of peer cohort facilitation for executive leaders, providing insight into common leadership dilemmas on race, inclusion and power in philanthropy, why peer support is so effective and how it helps leaders move their organizations to action.

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September 2021 | The Giving Practice

This blog is part two of our series on participatory grantmaking. If you missed part one, ...

The Power of Participatory Grantmaking to Advance Racial Equity Part II
September 2021 | The Giving Practice

This report serves as a collection of case studies demonstrating how a trust-based funder-grantee partnership enabled four philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) to leap from aspiration to sustained leadership and action. Learn how they tackle injustices in their regions and witness major advances for their communities today, and for many years to come.

Cover design + title: Making the Leap. How Four Philanthropy-Serving Organizations Elevated Their Work and Shaped Their Regions -- and the Support that Helped Make it Happen.
August 2021 | The Giving Practice

In 2011, when I was invited by Philanthropy Northwest (PNW) to design the next version of The Giving Practice (TGP), I couldn’t imagine why they’d want me. Honestly, I was a little cynical about the field of philanthropy. At the time, I noticed how some of my philanthropy peers would avoid...

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