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March 2020 | The Giving Practice

Philanthropy has long struggled with power and privilege. From who benefits from grant funding to who determines funding priorities, the power to make decisions tends to rest with those furthest away from the issues that many foundations are trying to solve. This does not have to be the case....

March 2020 | The Giving Practice

We are proud of the work we do at The Giving Practice to help foundation leaders create learning environments for organizational change initiatives. When advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), leaders have learned that change efforts can be complex in ways that other areas of their...

February 2020 | The Giving Practice

A vivid memory from my first program officer job: I found myself feeling like a fraud.

I had the technical knowledge to do the work. I had the right intellectual training and had developed “chops” working in the trenches of an innovative public-private housing venture. Nonetheless, I was...

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January 2020 | The Giving Practice

I think that many of us can agree that philanthropy is powerful. But for who? What communities benefit from generations of concentrated wealth? How can we shift power dynamics within philanthropy to address the root causes of inequity? These are the questions that I continue to ask myself in my...

January 2020 | The Giving Practice

You can do one of these exercises or all of them. Either way, each time ask yourself “What am I aware of now that I was not aware of before?” Write that down. “What might I do differently next time I’m in that situation?” Write that down.

1.   Pay attention not only to what happened but...

November 2019 | The Giving Practice

Behind every great foundation is… a lot of money. We know those funds have to be invested to generate returns that pay for grants and operations. But can the money at the heart of the foundation business model be responsive to a foundation’s important values of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)? The answer to this question is yes. You can read all about it our new report that includes interviews with executives at eight large foundations that have embraced organization-wide DEI efforts.

November 2019 | The Giving Practice

Dear Friends,

We’re excited to have a new look that matches our approach. Over time, I’ve heard from clients who felt that our visual identity didn’t reflect the energy and uniqueness of our actual identity. We heard you and decided to improve it. We like our new logo because it says what we aspire to: helping you do transformative, meaningful, joyful work.