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September 2021 | The Giving Practice

This blog is part two of our series on participatory grantmaking. If you missed part one, ...

The Power of Participatory Grantmaking to Advance Racial Equity Part II
September 2021 | The Giving Practice

This report serves as a collection of case studies demonstrating how a trust-based funder-grantee partnership enabled four philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) to leap from aspiration to sustained leadership and action. Learn how they tackle injustices in their regions and witness major advances for their communities today, and for many years to come.

Cover design + title: Making the Leap. How Four Philanthropy-Serving Organizations Elevated Their Work and Shaped Their Regions -- and the Support that Helped Make it Happen.
August 2021 | The Giving Practice

In 2011, when I was invited by Philanthropy Northwest (PNW) to design the next version of The Giving Practice (TGP), I couldn’t imagine why they’d want me. Honestly, I was a little cynical about the field of philanthropy. At the time, I noticed how some of my philanthropy peers would avoid...

Featured Image with Title: 11 Years Fast. Audrey recounts her journey at TGP and lessons learned along the way.
August 2021 | The Giving Practice

There is a growing understanding in our sector that traditional philanthropy or “the way that we’ve always done it” isn’t working for most communities, and particularly for Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities.  

Philanthropic organizations are examining both the...

August 2021 | The Giving Practice

Reframing strategy with Tony Richardson of Nord Family Foundation and TGP's Lisa Fisher


Featured Image with Title: The Process is the Work. Reframing strategy with Tony Richardson and Lisa Fisher. Tony and Lisa's headshots are on the left side.
August 2021 | The Giving Practice

Dear Friends,

Featured image: New Journeys. A note from Audrey on TGP's leadership transition.
July 2021 | The Giving Practice

This report captures the impacts and experiences of part 1 of the Building Community Philanthropy (BCP) initiative: eight years of convening, reflection, peer support, continuous learning, community engagement and challenging conventional wisdom to center community for better philanthropy across Washington state.