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Can we talk about...? A podcast on leading for racial equity in philanthropy

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Publish date: 
July, 2023

For leaders in philanthropy working to advance racial equity with their organizations, Can we talk about…? a podcast on leading for racial equity in philanthropy offers not a roadmap or checklist but stories – honest reflections, bold moves, aha moments, moments of fear, discomfort, joy and levity — to guide and support you along your journey. 

In our pilot season, we’re bringing you peer to peer conversations between executive directors, board chairs and board members across philanthropy on the topic of leading for racial equity at the governance level.

In each episode, leaders representing a variety of philanthropic organizations weave both organizational and personal stories, offering a level of transparency that is not widely accessible today. 

Each episode also includes an episode guide with resources, reflection questions and exercises for you to explore individually and with your boards. Guides have been created with input from our Senior Advisors and staff. 

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