We’re Built for This: Nimble Network Responds to 2020

We’re Built for This: Nimble Network Responds to 2020

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September, 2021
Philanthropy Northwest

This report spotlights the critical role Regional Community Foundation Network members played during the initial COVID-19 pandemic response from March to November 2020. This report features striking data and collective themes from community foundations across the Northwest. This spotlight was developed in partnership with the Regional Community Foundation Network COVID-19 Response Task Force, Foundant Technologies, Philanthropy Northwest staff and other contributors. While each of the community foundations in the network acts as an independent entity, this is the story of their shared impact.

Community foundations are specifically designed to do the kind of response work necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, because of their relationships, place in the community, adaptiveness and years of experience in charitable funding.

Community foundations are:

  • Up to the challenge. In response to the pandemic, community foundations in the Regional CF Network mobilized resources for local needs with unprecedented speed and nimbleness across the Northwest.
  • Innovative and community-informed. Our deep roots in communities, comprehensive networks of partners and established grantmaking systems meant that community foundations could respond to the crises in a community-informed and relationship-centered way.
  • Leading through connection and collaboration. Going forward, we’re creating lasting change with trust-based, community-driven philanthropy that is less restrictive, respects the expertise of our grantees and values diversity, equity and inclusion.