Navigating Courage™: Senior Leaders Cohort

Navigating Courage™: Senior Leaders Cohort

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Thursday, May 23, 2024 to Tuesday, October 29, 2024
9:00am to 12:00pm PDT
In-person + Virtual

About this event

In addition to the group sessions, each participant will get one individual coaching session with Dr. Martin.

Senior leaders in foundations play a critical role. They are both responsible for leading teams and initiatives as well as managing upward to influence decision-making with the CEO and other leaders. This cohort is designed to be a space for these individuals to step into their leadership and drive impact in their spheres of influence.

We are excited to partner with Dr. Robin Martin to bring you The Navigating Courage™ masterclass. This program was born out of a growing demand for practical support and resources aimed at helping leaders and organizations normalize courage, connect courageous leaders and accelerate their organizational impact. Grounded in the African philosophy of "Ubuntu" – "I am because you are" – our approach revolves around personal and global accountability, truth, non-judgmental respect, candid dialogues and fostering deep relationships within broader social circles. This approach redefines leadership with four key principles: Be Human, Be in Community, Be Curious, and Be Courageous, shifting teams from individualistic thinking to collective success.

Through this cohort experience, participants will:

  • Explore a higher level of self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Shift the emphasis from a single, all-powerful leader to an interconnected community of leaders and followers with shared responsibilities.
  • Learn beyond the impulse to find the "right" answer - unlocking the unlimited possibilities of innovation.
  • Understand how individual actions and inactions fuel behaviors and develop a set of self-management processes that empower leaders to impact the larger community.
  • Discover your inner courage and tap into your sphere of influence.

 Who Should Attend?

  • This cohort is for staff of philanthropic organizations who hold a senior leadership role in their organization. You do not need to be a Philanthropy Northwest member to participate in the cohort.   
  • Participant job titles will vary. This is not an exhaustive list, but some examples are vice president, chief operating officer, senior director, senior program officer and chief of staff.
  • Participants should be individuals who are responsible for a function or department in an organization and also supervise staff.
  • Participants are required to attend one in-person retreat and five virtual sessions of learning with their fellow cohort peers. 
  • This cohort is not open to CEOs or trustees of philanthropic organizations.  


Interested individuals will need to fill out an application to be part of the cohort. Please click on the "Register Now" button above or on this link to apply.  Applications are due April 12.


May 23 - May 24 In-Person Retreat in Seattle, WA
Our first session will be an opportunity to gather in physical space, build connections and generate a sense of trust with fellow cohort participants.
June 25 Virtual Session 1: Be Human 
Participants will focus on fostering personal growth and authenticity and engage in self-reflection exercises.
July 30 Virtual Session 2: Be In Community
With a focus on interconnectedness, this session will emphasize the importance of evaluating one's social circle and community dynamics. By identifying key relationships that contribute to personal growth and foster a sense of community, individuals gain insights into their role within their community and how they rely on others for support and growth
August 20 Virtual Session 3: Be Curious
Participants will be encouraged to embrace curiosity and open-mindedness for personal development. This session promotes continuous learning, embracing change, and seeking opportunities to broaden one's understanding and experiences.
September 17 Virtual Session 4: Be Courageous 
This session highlights the importance of consistent effort and stepping outside one's comfort zone for personal growth. Through courageous action and leadership, individuals expand their sphere of influence and contribute to positive change in their communities and beyond.
October 29 Virtual Session 5: Courage in Action 
In the final session participants will create a Courage Action Plan based on their personal values and the "I AM" statement. This plan will outline specific, measurable, and actionable behaviors and actions to integrate under each key pillar: Be Human, Be in Community, Be Curious and Be Courageous.


Each virtual session will run from 9 am - 12 pm  PT



Dr. Robin Martin, Senior Advisor with The Giving Practice

Dr. Robin Martin is the president/CEO of Navigating Courage, a trailblazer with over 20 years of experience leading people and organizations in social impact investment-making and higher education. With a strong focus on seamlessly integrating diversity, equity and inclusion with strategy and leadership development, Dr. Martin is dedicated to creating transformative change.

As a strategic thinker, systems builder and catalyst for change, Dr. Martin has excelled in fast-paced and highly effective roles, from the courtside to executive boardrooms. Her impressive background includes serving as the former deputy director of strategy, planning and management at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, associate provost for diversity, equity and inclusion at the University of Cincinnati, director of athletics, associate provost and tenure-track faculty member. Additionally, she is a master-level certified executive coach, leveraging her expertise to empower individuals and organizations.

Drawing upon her extensive research and real-life experiences, Dr. Martin’s strategic design-thinking approach resonates deeply, making her a sought-after speaker and strategic partner - captivating audiences and motivating a wide range of listeners. In 2018, she published the book "Navigating Courage: Leading Beyond Fear," which combines personal narratives, academic research and insights to address the pressing challenges of our time while embracing humanism.


  • Member Rate: $3850
  • Non-Member Rate: $5950 

We understand that financial constraints can sometimes pose a barrier to participation. We encourage anyone who may benefit from financial assistance to apply for a scholarship in the application form.


Philanthropy Northwest strives to make our events accessible to everyone. If you require an accommodation or service to complete the application please contact Nancy Sanabria

Please contact Nancy Sanabria with any questions.

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