COVID-19 Response Funds

COVID-19 Response Funds

Funds Tracker

We are monitoring and updating this tracking list of COVID-19 response funds across our region and nationally.

  • Consider contributing to these as well as and to other community philanthropy organizations who may not yet have a COVID-19 specific fund. 
  • Know of a fund not listed below that applies to organizations in our region? Please contact our COVID-19 task force to get funds added here.


Philanthropy Northwest Region

Interested in learning more about funds across the Northwest and Hawai'i? Click on the links to jump to that state's funds. Funds are organized first by geographic region and then alphabetically by the funder's name.

Alaska Hawai'i Idaho Montana
Oregon Washington Wyoming  


United States 

CDC Emergency Response Fund to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
CDC Foundation
Area Served: State, local and global response efforts
Description: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking aggressive public health measures to help protect the health of Americans. Funds raised by the CDC Foundation will be used to meet emerging needs identified by CDC to help respond to the public health threat posed by this virus. These include additional support for state and local health departments, support for a global response, logistics, communications, data management, personal protective equipment, critical response supplies and more.



COVID-19 Crisis Fund 
Social Justice Fund Northwest
Area Served: Northwest region
Description: In response to coronavirus/COVID-19, Social Justice Fund launched an emergency fund to support Social Justice Fund grantees working to respond to the crisis. Initial grants are $3,000 and can support a variety of strategies to meet community needs and support mutual aid.


Native American Community Response Fund for COVID-19 
Native Americans in Philanthropy, the Decolonizing Wealth Project and the National Urban Indian Family Coalition 
Description: This fund — directed by the Decolonizing Wealth Project — aims to move untethered resources to help shape a future in which we can all heal from generations of colonial trauma and thrive in our cultures.


Native Community Crisis Response Fund 
Na'ah Illahee Fund
Area Served: Northwest region
Description: Na'ah Illahee Fund, a community-based indigenous organization, has created a Native Community Crisis Response Fund to provide immediate and direct assistance for their grantees working to respond to the crisis throughout Washington State and the Pacific Northwest due to the financial, social and health impacts of the Coronavirus.


Flicker Fund for Indigenous Communities 
Seventh Generation Fund
Description: The Flicker Fund provides direct grant support to stressed Indigenous communities on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, where some are already facing issues of hunger, lack of access to water, and unable to secure basic hygiene and material supplies needed for everyday life.



State by State in Our Region


Alaska COVID-19 Response Fund 
Alaska Community Foundation
Area Served: Alaska
Description: Funds will provide immediate and long-term support to nonprofits that serve Alaskans whose lives have been devastated by the pandemic and are essential to getting Alaska’s economy back on track. 


YK Delta COVID-19 Response Fund 
Bethel Community Services Foundation
Area Served: Bethel, Alaska
Description: YK Delta COVID-19 Response Fund supports homelessness prevention and social safety net efforts in the YK Delta in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Homer Foundatin COVID-19 Response Fund 
Homer Foundation
Area Served: Southern Kenai Peninsula
Description: The fund supports nonprofits that provide critical services throughout the Souther Kenai Peninsula whose missions have been devastatingly impacted by recent events. 


Food Assistance Fund and Community Assistance Fund 
Juneau Community Foundation
Area Served: Juneau, Alaska
Description: In March the Foundation established the 2020 Food Assistance Fund to raise funds primarily for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank. The Community Assistance Fund supports widespread immediate and longer term challenges facing the Juneau community. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Response Grants 
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Area Served: Wasilla, Alaska
Description: The Mat-Su Health Foundation (MSHF) is offering Coronavirus Prevention and Response (CPR) grants of up to $50,000 to Mat-Su nonprofit organizations. These unrestricted grants are designed to support local nonprofits as they address unplanned expenses and/or lost revenue relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Hawai'i Resilience Fund 
Hawai'i Community Foundation
Area Served: Hawai'i
Description: The Hawai‘i Resilience Fund was created to rapidly deploy resources to community nonprofits and health care providers who are working on the ground to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Hawai‘i.

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COVID-19 Housing Rapid Response Fund 
Home Partnership Foundation
Area Served: Idaho


COVID-19 Response Fund for Idaho 
Idaho Community Foundation, United Way of Treasure Valley and Idaho Nonprofit Center
Area Served: Idaho
Description: The Idaho Community Foundation, United Ways in Idaho and Idaho Nonprofit Center have partnered to create the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund for Idaho, which will provide grants to trusted organizations that support and serve low-income Idahoans. 


COVID-19 Community Response Funds - Northern Idaho 
Innovia Foundation
Area Served: Northern Idaho
Description: Partners from philanthropy, government and business have come together to create two COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funds that will make grants to community-based organizations in Eastern Washington and North Idaho working on the frontlines to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations during this outbreak. The funds are designed to complement the work of public health officials, medical providers, businesses and governments to expand regional capacity addressing the outbreak as effectively as possible.

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Yellowstone Valley Gives Regional COVID-19 Fund
Billings Community Foundation
Area Served: Billings, Montana
Description: The Billings Community Foundation has repurposed Yellowstone Valley Gives to serve as a regional COVID-19 Community Giving platform to assist in raising critical funds for nonprofits throughout the Yellowstone Valley during this time of exceptional need.


Park County COVID-19 Resilience Fund 
Park County Community Foundation
Area Served: Park County, Montana 
Description: The Park County Community Foundation will rely on its deep roots and existing community partnerships to strategically guide fund allocations to the most urgent needs facing Park County. A focus will be made to support those organizations working on the front lines to ensure the health and wellness of children and seniors, victims of the virus, the hungry, the homeless (and those at risk of becoming homeless) and other at-risk residents and emerging community needs.


Carbon County COVID-19 Relief Fund 
Red Lodge Area Community Foundation 
Area Served: Carbon County, Montana
Description: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Foundation is now accepting donations for the Carbon County COVID-19 Relief fund. These funds will be available to support area nonprofits' individual response efforts, local agencies and individuals, and emergent community needs.


Community Emergency Response Fund
Whitefish Community Foundation
Area Served: Whitefish, Montana
Description: Whitefish Community Foundation has activated a Community Emergency Response Fund to provide flexible resources to nonprofits helping those directly impacted by COVID-19. Whitefish Community Foundation will rapidly deploy grants from this program, so nonprofits can focus on providing vital assistance to families and preparing front line services to diminish the impact of COVID-19 in Whitefish and the surrounding communities.

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MRG COVID-19 Community Resilience Fund 
MRG Foundation
Area Served: Oregon
Description: MRG Foundation has established a Community Response Fund that will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations that are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon.


Oregon Worker Relief Fund 
MRG, CAUSA, PCUN, Latino Network, APANO and Innovation Law Lab, along with 100+ other community partners
Area Served: Oregon
Description: The Oregon Worker Relief Fund will replace up to 60% of lost wages for Oregonians who, due to their or a family member’s immigration status, are disqualified from receiving Unemployment Insurance or stimulus benefits.


Oregon Community Recovery Fund 
Oregon Community Foundation
Area Served: Oregon
Description: Established in collaboration with partners throughout the state, the Oregon Community Recovery Fund will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations at the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.


COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund 
United Way of Southwestern Oregon
Area Served: Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon
Description: This Emergency Relief Fund will provide assistance to Coos County and Curry County nonprofit organizations offering emergency services to families and individuals in need during this difficult time.


COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund 
Women's Foundation of Oregon
Area Served: For work in Oregon and Indigenous communities
Description: Given the emerging and uncertain nature of COVID-19, we recognize this moment will have large and lasting impacts on service providers and organizations working with those most vulnerable in our communities in Oregon and surrounding Tribal Nations. These funds are intended for any emergent need related to COVID-19: general operating, making payroll, making up for lost funds due to a canceled fundraising event, increased client services, etc. 

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Statewide in WA

WA CARE Fund COVID-19 Response Fund
Cancer Research Endowment Fund
Area Served: Washington
Description: The CARE Fund seeks to support research that can be immediately initiated and that focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on outcomes, research, risks, or well-being for cancer patients. Washington State organizations (e.g. companies, universities, research institutions, etc.), local health jurisdictions, tribal governments, and tribal entitites are eligible to apply. 


Humanities Washington Rapid Response Fund
Humanities Washington
Area Served: Washington 
Description: Humanities Washington is honored to provide rapid-response funding to humanities organizations facing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus. Funding for this grant is provided by the CARES Act and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


COVID-19 Resiliency Fund
Latino Community Fund
Area Served: Washington
Description: The Latino Community Fund of Washington is establishing a Resiliency Fund to provide immediate assistance for supporting families who are experiencing health and economic impacts due to COVID-19.


WA Food Fund 
Philanthropy Northwest
Area Served: Washington
Description: WA Food Fund is raising money to provide food and supplies for those in need during the COVID-19 crisis, including the elderly, people who struggle with health issues or have lost their jobs, and children who normally rely on school for meals. 


WA State Student and Youth Homelessness COVID-19 Response Fund
Raikes Foundation and Building Changes
Area Served: Washington
Description: In partnership with the Raikes Foundation, Building Changes created the Washington State Student and Youth Homelessness COVID-19 Response Fund to augment existing public dollars that will be used to support students and youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. Building Changes will distribute funds to help organizations, schools and local tribes meet needs that may otherwise be difficult to fulfill or sustain without additional assistance. 


COVID-19 Relief Fund for WA Undocumented Families 
Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network and others
Area Served: Washington
Description: The Washington Dream Coalition, in partnership with Scholarship Junkies, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network are fundraising through Scholarship Junkie's 501(c)(3) GoFundMe and other avenues to provide emergency and preventative financial relief to undocumented individuals that are at financial risk.


Central WA

Helping Hands Fund
Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Area Served: Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties, Washington
Description: The Helping Hands Grant provides financial resources to nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties with unexpected and emergent needs. The foundation’s Board of Trustees has given authority to update the existing criteria and application process to better respond to our nonprofits current and imminent needs from COVID-19.


Confluence Health Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund 
Confluence Health Foundation
Area Served: North Central Washington
Description: Confluence Health Foundation is raising funds for Confluence Health’s COVID-19 response efforts. Funding from our donors will be used to offset treatment costs, purchase critical medical supplies, meet the demands associated with Confluence Health’s response to the pandemic, and much more. 


COVID-19 Response Fund 
United Way of Central Washington
Area Served: Yakima and Kittitas County, WA
Description: This fund will provide flexible resources to organizations in the region working with Yakima and Kittitas County communities who are impacted by COVID-19 and the economic consequences of this outbreak.


Yakima Valley Resilience and Response Fund
Yakima Valley Community Foundation
Area Served: Yakima, Washington
Description: A fund to support and help sustain charitable organizations and agencies as they work to address the COVID-19 virus and its impacts on the Yakima Valley, particularly our valley's most vulnerable populations. This fund will assist in restoring the valley and in strengthening systems and organizations for greater resiliency by using the lessons learned throughout the crisis.


Eastern WA

COVID-19 Response Fund
Blue Mountain Community Foundation
Area Served: Walla Walla, WA
Description: The Walla Walla Valley COVID-19 Response Fund is a straightforward way of giving to support to the Walla Walla community. Grants are distributed on a rolling basis to rapidly fund charities and nonprofits providing support to people in need during this crisis.


COVID-19 Community Response Funds - Eastern Washington 
Innovia Foundation
Area Served: Eastern Washington
Description: Partners from philanthropy, government and business have come together to create two COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funds that will make grants to community-based organizations in Eastern Washington and North Idaho working on the frontlines to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations during this outbreak. The funds are designed to complement the work of public health officials, medical providers, businesses and governments to expand regional capacity addressing the outbreak as effectively as possible.


Olympic & Kitsap Peninsulas and San Juan Islands

Community Response Fund 
Bainbridge Community Foundation
Area Served: Bainbridge Island, WA
Description: The Community Response Fund, can give grants to health and human services nonprofit organizations that have a sudden and unexpected need for additional financial resources. Nonprofits can apply to the Community Response Fund, and if accepted, receive funding quickly to help meet the urgent needs of our community in the face of a COVID-19 outbreak.


Grays Harbor Community Emergency Response Fund 
Grays Harbor Community Foundation
Area Served: Grays Harbor County, WA


COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund 
Jefferson Community Foundation
Area Served: Jefferson County, WA
Description: Hundreds of people in East Jefferson County recently lost their jobs and are now in need of support. Those who were already at risk are facing even further insecurity. Donations to this emergency funding campaign support local nonprofits and community-serving government agencies that can increase their services to meet basic human needs and address unexpected financial hardships.


Unity in the Community: Kitsap’s COVID-19 Response Fund
Kitsap Community Foundation and United Way of Kitsap County
Area Served: Kitsap County, Washington
Description: The Unity in the Community COVID-19 Response Fund will rapidly deploy resources to nonprofits and individuals in Kitsap and North Mason County. With an emphasis on increasing resiliency in disproportionally affected nonprofits and their associated workers in our community, this fund will address the economic impact of reduced and lost revenue and wages due to the broader COVID-19 outbreak.


Lopez Island Recovers 
Lopez Island Recovers
Area Served: Lopez Island, Washington
Description: Lopez Island Recovers is working with the Lopez Island Family Resource Center to connect donors, resources and needs.


OICF Community Emergency Response Fund 
Orcas Island Community Foundation
Area Served: Orcas Island, Washington
Description: The OICF Community Emergency Response Fund ensures essential supports remains available throughout the Orcas community as needs arise during times of crisis and/or emergencies.


San Juan Island Emergency Response Fund 
San Juan Island Community Foundation
Area Served: San Juan, WA
Description: A fund established to address the emerging critical needs in the San Juan Island community during an emergency or crisis affecting San Juan Islanders (currently related to COVID-19 response).


Clallam COVID-19 Response Fund 
United Way of Clallam County and the Clallam Community Foundation
Area Served: Clallam County, Washington
Description: The Clallam COVID-19 Response Fund will support non-profits in a variety of ways including but not limited to, scholarships for childcare, food for food banks and other places providing free meals, and support for keeping people employed at non-profits that are providing direct services. 


Western WA (including Whidbey Island)

All-In Seattle 
All-In Seattle was created by a coalition of concerned Seattleites and community members
Area Served: Seattle, Washington
Description: All In Seattle is a group of like-minded community members who are quickly deploying resources directly to proven non-profits who can deliver it to those most in need.


COVID-19 Arts Emergency Relief Fund 
Area Served: King County, Washington
Description: ArtsFund created the COVID-19 Arts Emergency Relief Fund to help stabilize the sector with immediate relief grants for arts organizations negatively impacted by COVID-19. The goal of ArtsFund’s COVID-19 Arts Emergency Relief Fund is to enable arts and cultural organizations to maintain essential functions and retain core staff throughout the current public health crisis so that they are positioned to reopen when possible.


One Eighty Foundation COVID-19 Efforts 
Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue
Area Served: Bellevue, Washington


Chinatown International District Restaurant and Small Business Relief Fund
Chinatown International District Business Improvement Area, Friends of Little Saigon and the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority
Area Served: International District, Seattle
Description: The Chinatown International District (CID) Restaurants and Small Businesses Relief Fund will give direct dollars to the small businesses in the CID to help them mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 Relief Fund 
Chuckanut Health Foundation
Area Served: Whatcom County, Washington
Description: The Chuckanut Health Foundation has established a local fund for COVID-19 Relief and Response in Whatcom County. The COVID Relief and Response Fund will be supporting organizations focused on the following: care for our caregivers and front-line health care workers, protecting and supporting our seniors and those most vulnerable to this disease, and addressing mental health and economic consequences due to COVID-19 for families and individuals.


Coronavirus Response Fund 
Community Foundation of Snohomish County
Area Served: Snohomish, Washington
Description: A cross-sector partnership of local philanthropy, government and business have joined together to create
a Response Fund that will rapidly deploy resources to the frontlines of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
in Snohomish County. 


Lewis County COVID-19 Response Fund 
Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and United Way of Lewis County
Area Served: Lewis County, Washington
Description: The Lewis County COVID-19 Response Fund was created to support nonprofit organizations that serve Lewis County residents who are being severely affected by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 virus. 


Mason County COVID-19 Response Fund 
Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and United Way of Mason County
Area Served: Mason County, Washington
Description: The Mason County COVID-19 Response Fund was created to support nonprofit organizations that serve Mason County residents who are being severely affected by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 virus.


Thurston County COVID-19 Response Fund 
Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and United Way of Thurston County
Area Served: Thurston County, Washington
Description: The Fund is designed to complement the work of public health officials and expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible. Together, UWTC and the Community Foundation will gather data to identify emerging needs, as well as gaps in existing services, and work to rapidly mobilize and deploy resources to the people who are most vulnerable to the economic impacts of COVID-19 in Thurston County.


The SW Washington COVID Response Fund 
Community Foundation of Southwest Washington
Area Served: Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania County, Washington
Description: Managed by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, this fund is providing flexible financial support to trusted nonprofit partners across our region who are responding to increasing needs as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund
Communities in Schools Renton-Tukwila
Area Served: King County, Washington
Description: Communities in Schools Renton-Tukwila have setup this emergency fund to address the immediate needs of economically vulnerable populations. This fund is set up to support those most impacted by addressing the economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the broader COVID-19 outbreak.


Pierce County Connected 
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Area Served: Tacoma, WA
Description: To support urgent human service needs, United Way of Pierce County and Greater Tacoma Community Foundation partnered to launch this aligned philanthropic response. The PIERCE COUNTY CONNECTED Fund was seeded with $750,000 from GTCF.


Vendor Relief Fund
Real Change News
Area Served: Greater Seattle Area, Washington
Description: Real Change produces an award-winning weekly newspaper that provides immediate employment opportunity and takes action for economic, social and racial justice. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Real Change is working hard to remain open to serve their vendor's needs. Donations to this fund help make Real Change's work possible.     


COVID-19 Response Fund 
Renton Regional Community Foundation
Area Served: Renton, Washington
Description: The COVID-19 Fund will provide flexible financial support to organizations in South King County working with some of the most vulnerable communities who are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus and the economic consequences of this pandemic. 


The Plate Fund 
Schultz Family Foundation
Area Served: King County, Washington
Description: The COVID-19 crisis is devastating for thousands of restaurant-industry workers who have lost their jobs and rely on every paycheck to afford necessities like food, transportation, baby products and medicine. To help, The Plate Fund is providing immediate financial assistance to those who have been hardest-hit in King County.


COVID-19 Response Fund
Seattle Foundation
Area Served: King County, Washington
Description: Grants to nonprofits that are working on the frontlines to provide our region’s most vulnerable communities with emergency assistance, such as financial support, healthcare, and childcare.


COVID-19 Community Relief Fund 
United Way of King County
Area Served: King County, Washington
Description: Because of COVID-19, the needs of the most vulnerable people in Seattle and King County are increasing, and that group of people is growing — there are people who need help today that have never needed help before. Donations to this fund will go to an area of your preference: food, rental assistance or where the need is greatest.


Emergency Recovery Fund for COVID-19
United Way of Whatcom County
Area Served: Whatcom County, Washington
Description: This fund will increase United Way of Whatcom County's collective capacity to address local issues resulting from the virus and support critical systems and programs to help stabilize vulnerable populations and mitigate long term effects on our community.


Resilience Fund for Whatcom County 
Whatcom Community Foundation
Area Served: Whatcom, Washington
Description: The Resilience Fund is Whatcom County community’s bounce-back fund. It’s here to help anyone and everyone in the community — individuals, families, nonprofits, businesses — recover from a crisis or disaster through a combination of emergency preparedness investments and response funding.

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COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund 
Wyoming Community Foundation
Area Served: Wyoming
Description: The COVID-19 Fund provides rapid financial support to frontline nonprofits working to offset the impacts of the virus in their communities. 

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