Together We Transform

Say yes to the collective possibility of a philanthropic ecosystem that is creative, joyful and transformative – become a Visionary Partner.

Envision philanthropy as a transformative space where resources and power are redistributed to the communities too long overlooked by our sector. Our Visionary Partners believe in our commitment to ensuring a future of equity and racial justice for all.

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Our Vision for Collective Impact

Embarking on a three-year, $7.5 million campaign, we are dedicated to realizing the collective commitment of philanthropy to work toward a future where equity is not just a shared value but also a lived reality for every community in our region.

Your support signals a shared belief in the pivotal role of Philanthropy Northwest in leading meaningful change and reimagining the landscape of philanthropy. This is more than a vision; it's a collective call to action.

Interested in partnering or supporting our vision? Contact Jill Nishi.

Our Approach

We cultivate the conditions for philanthropy to best serve our communities. Through the synergy of people, organizations and our ecosystem, Philanthropy Northwest catalyzes positive transformations that endure and resonate far beyond the scope of individual initiatives.

  • People: Transformation starts from within, and it doesn’t happen in isolation. We create opportunities for personal reflection, learning and growth strengthened by the power of peer support. Learn about our cohorts and join us in Missoula, Montana at our PNW24 conference.
  • Organizations: The daily actions, interactions and structures within which we operate matter. We build organizational capabilities to adopt equity-centered cultures, practices and policies across all levels of philanthropic organizations. Learn more about our national consultancy The Giving Practice and listen to our podcast
  • Ecosystem: Our greatest potential as philanthropic organizations lies within our interconnectedness and ability to move sector and structural societal progress together. We nurture collaboration and leverage the power of the collective to advocate for and create a resilient ecosystem capable of driving sustainable solutions. Learn about Democracy Northwest and our policy positions


Philanthropy Northwest is grateful for the partnership and support of our Visionaries who help power our work.




Interested in partnering or supporting our vision?

Contact Jill Nishi to learn more.