Meet our Philanthropy Northwest team!

An organization's most vital resources are the people that bring it to life. Collectively our staff bring together decades of experience in philanthropy as well as in the nonprofit and social good sectors to support our members across our six-state region.  

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See our bios and find our individual contact information by clicking on our names below. You can also see our board of directors.


Mares Asfaha Headshot

Manager, Programs

Jackson Braghieri Headshot

Manager, Data and Technology

Danielle Crystal Headshot

Director, Membership

Mika Day Headshot

Associate, Marketing and Communications

Meg Fairweather Headshot

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Elyse Gordon Headshot

Senior Manager, Programs

Meredith Higashi Headshot

Director, Public Policy and Advocacy

Lyn Hunter Headshot

Director, Regional Strategies and Networks

Daniel Kemmis Headshot

Senior Advisor, Democracy Northwest Initiative

Maddy Metzger-Utt Headshot

Regional Community Foundation Network Advisor

Marc Moshcatel Headshot

Fellow, Public Policy and Advocacy

Barbara Neufeld Headshot

Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Anjana Pandey Headshot

Vice President, Strategy

Ankita Patel Headshot

Senior Manager, Public Policy and Advocacy

Arigin Sakda Headshot

Manager, Office and Operations

Nancy Sanabria Headshot

Director, Learning Strategies

Senior Advisor and Executive in Residence

Erin Thomas Headshot

Vice President, People and Culture

Remy Trupin Headshot

Executive in Residence, Public Policy and Advocacy

Luke Tufts Headshot

Manager, Finance

Karen Westing Headshot

Vice President, Marketing and Communications