DEI Cohorts

A transformative learning opportunity.

DEI cohorts are unique, structured learning opportunities where you can delve deeper into diversity, equity and inclusion with your peers. Through these cohorts, philanthropic leaders discuss what DEI means to them and to their organization, and explore strategies to embed DEI into their organizational policies and practices.

Executive Opportunities

Is your foundation ready to step up its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion? 

Peer learning opportunities are open to any foundation executive or board member in the U.S. interested in deep dialogue and problem solving to accelerate organizational DEI efforts. Facilitated by our consultant partners, The Giving Practice, cohorts provide safe spaces to learn, explore DEI challenges and gain skills to support your organization’s DEI journey. 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion CEO Cohort
The next cohort will include 10 foundation leaders, who either serve as CEO or president. It will begin in early 2021, and meet four times a year. Content will be customized to the individual work of participants. 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Trustee Cohort
The next cohort will start in 2021 and is specifically geared for trustees and board leaders. Participants will meet in person twice a year and have two video conference calls. Content will be tailored to the participants. 

How do I take the next step?
For executive cohort details, contact Sindhu Knotz, the managing partner of The Giving Practice, our national consultancy.

Ongoing Cohorts

Philanthropy Northwest also leads specific initiatives with a strong focus on advancing equity.

Building Community Philanthropy
A multi-year endeavor with 21 partners in Washington and Portland, Oregon, the BCP initiative is a model for how philanthropy can support shared learning, networking and action to foster more resilient, equitable and inclusive communities. Learn more about BCP

Collective Action for Education Equity
Four of the Building Community Philanthropy partners have come together as the Collective Action For Education Equity (CAFEE) to specifically promote more equitable education outcomes. Learn more about CAFEE on the BCP page.

Momentum Fellowship Cohort
The Momentum Fellowship is a two-year program for professionals of color to gain hands-on experience working within a foundation, while supported by a peer network and shared learning opportunities. Learn more about the Momentum Fellowship.

How do I take the next step?
Reach out to our staff to find out if you are eligible for participating in one of our cohorts.

Interested in learning more about cohorts?

For info about executive cohorts, contact Sindhu Knotz at The Giving Practice, or contact our staff about ongoing cohorts.