Incubating Innovation

Since our founding in 1976, Philanthropy Northwest has been a home for innovative partnerships, collaborations and initiatives. In 2008, we took this a step further and introduced our “Incubation Platform”, a fiscal sponsorship opportunity for projects aligned with our vision and mission.

Philanthropy Northwest is now known for our commitment to project stewardship and work as a fiscal sponsor for complex philanthropic collaborations, both emerging and mature. This commitment flows directly from our mission “to promote, facilitate and drive collaborative action by philanthropic organizations to strengthen communities.” Our ten-plus years in this business allows us to bring insight and expertise about the nuances of fiscal sponsorship across the full range of a project’s lifecycle.

We support innovative projects by providing fiscal sponsorship of charitable programs, initiatives or donor circles, which seek to grow and/or test opportunities for growth while being supported by a sponsoring organization.  Our approach to supporting fiscal sponsorships is to learn and understand your mission and build solid, trusting relationships. We can provide administrative services, human resources, accounting services, grantmaking support and communication support, depending on need.  As fiscal sponsor, we bear legal responsibility for management of all project funds, and thus work closely with our project managers to ensure they have complete understanding of a project’s financial health.

We work closely with our sponsored projects to customize services to meet their needs.  Our fees for services thus vary depending on the level of support provided.

Please contact us to learn more about our fiscal sponsorship services. Anjana Pandey, our vice president of strategy and operations, would love to hear from you.

Current Fiscal Sponsored Projects


Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project

From cultural giving traditions, to tech boom wealth creation, Pacific Northwest philanthropy has forged a reputation for blending collaboration and innovation. In this spirit, Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project aims to bring foundations and individual impact investors together to improve the regional food economy. The group’s vision includes identifying untapped areas for co-investment in Oregon and Washington, and then using a combination of grantmaking and investment strategies for transformational impact.


Hmong Impact Giving Network

Our vision is a Hmong community that embraces a culture of giving and rises together to overcome challenges. The Hmong Impact Giving Network is online-based, with members throughout the United States. Member contributions are essential to our success. Donors can contribute their tax-deductible gift through the online giving website. The goal is to raise funds to support programs serving the Hmong community. The mission of the Hmong Impact Giving Network is to unite and build a community of Hmong philanthropists to invest together in their communities.

Past Fiscal Sponsored Projects

Community Democracy Workshop

Community democracy is alive when communities have the power and capacity and are engaged to take responsibility for the changes they want, and when the needs, desires, and wishes of people in community are the driving force for change. Community democracy’s promise is expressed through powerful evidence that outcomes improve when the people most adversely affected by conditions and decisions are directly involved in taking the actions that lead to improvement. We supported Community Democracy Workshop as a special five year project that sunsetted at the end of 2019.

Mission Investors Exchange

Mission Investors Exchange was a supported project from 2008- 2016, until they created and launched their own 501c3 organization.  They are the leading impact investing network for foundations dedicated to deploying capital for social and environmental change.