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The Art and Practice of Rural Health Philanthropy

The Art and Practice of Rural Health Philanthropy

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019
10:00am to 11:30am PDT

About this event

Please join us for this member exchange to hear from our member hosts Brian Myers, vice president of Empire Health Foundation (Spokane WA), talking frankly with Kim Moore, retired president of United Methodist Health Ministry Fund in Kansas, about their efforts to work in rural communities, specifically around improving health outcomes.

The Rural Philanthropic Analysis, in partnership with Campbell University, published four field studies representing a collection of stories and lessons to inform the practice of rural philanthropy in Northeast Iowa, New Mexico, Eastern Washington and New England. The RPA’s field study focused on the importance of being innovative, risk-taking and opportunistic.

In eastern Washington, Empire Health Foundation (EHF) serves seven counties with a combined population of more than 650,000 people. Roughly three-quarters of the population live in Spokane County, but drive just 10 minutes in any direction from that urban center, and you’ll find yourself deep in rural America. Today, EHF supports an approach to philanthropy that bears a closer resemblance to a venture capital enterprise than a traditional grantmaking foundation.

The briefing is a fast-paced, informal conversation about how EHF works outside the typical  philanthropy model to meet pressing health needs around Spokane, WA.  We will cover:

·       How EHF leveraged its limited endowment by recruiting long-term federal and philanthropic grant dollars;

·       How EHF grew whole new organizations to fill capacity gaps in the region;

·       And, how EHF built a diverse board and staff, and created equity goals to guide each  program the foundation operates.

What this call is: This call will be particularly useful for place-focused foundations including community foundations, family foundations and issue-focused funders who support the vitality of our Northwest places that we call home particularly in rural and Native communities. 

What this call is not: This is not your regular webinar nor is it a technical call. Participants will be asked to join via audio and video to enhance everyone's meeting experience (most cell phones have built-in cameras that can be used!). Due to the nature of this call, we ask that only funders from philanthropic organizations participate unless otherwise invited.

Please contact the following team members for questions:

  •  Participation Eligibility: Danielle Crystal, Membership Manager
  •  Content: Lyn Hunter, Director of Regional Strategies & Networks

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