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The Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy

The Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT

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The Florida Philanthropic Network invites Philanthropy Northwest members to a free webinar for grantmakers working towards effective social justice philanthropy:

In 2015, The Bay Area Justice Funders Network introduced, The Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy,” from content curated through literature reviews, interviews. Gara La Marche, president of the Democracy Alliance and former CEO & president of the Atlantic Philanthropies, said, “The Choir Book lays out the vital building blocks for the kind of philanthropy the world needs today. Even in its brevity, it is a great step by step guide to asking the right questions and changing the day-to-day work of philanthropy to better achieve equity and justice." Terry Odendahl, president and CEO of the Global Greengrants Fund and former director of the National Network of Grantmakers, said, “We really appreciated the thoughtful questions that The Choir Book raises and how the framework broadens the normal thinking of a grant cycle.”

The components of the framework are: values to guide, competencies to build, and reflective questions for funders to consider at each stage of grantmaking. Drawing from an appreciative inquiry approach, The Choir Book is designed to adeptly support grantmakers at various stages and contexts — whether you are just beginning your career in philanthropy or are a veteran looking to deepen your practice, or whether you find yourself working in an explicit social justice grantmaking institution, or somewhere along the spectrum, you will find articulated both the common practices engaged in, as well as examples of how others in the field have “transitioned” or “transformed” their practice. 

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