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Grantmakers in Action: Money and Me - Financials and Repacking my Role

Grantmakers in Action: Money and Me - Financials and Repacking my Role

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024
10:00am to 1:00pm PDT

About this event

This session is part of a three-part curriculum and is only open to registrants of the Grantmakers in Action series.

Grantmakers In Action is a learning series to plug into conversations and movements around: 

  • Centering racial equity in your grantmaking; 
  • Alternatives to the traditional grantmaking cycle; 
  • Partnership models; and
  • Power dynamics in your role and leveraging your leadership. 

Participants will leave this three-part series with a deep knowledge of the “art of grantmaking” and the latest trust-based practices. Register for this series to connect with a community of grant management peers while you level up your grantmaking toolbox for 2024!  

Session 3: Money and Me - Financials and Repacking my Role 

In this two-part session, we will explore both grant financials and close out our series with resources and actions to carry forward. This session will be an opportunity to learn how to incorporate equity into your financial review process, no matter the size of your organization or grant portfolio. Come ready to toss out those nonprofit sustainability myths! We will close with a chance to "repack" our roles, set intentions and leadership goals to further your grantmaking practice.  

Please contact JulieAnne Behar with any questions.

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