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Learn How Community Foundations Are Building Community Wealth

Learn How Community Foundations Are Building Community Wealth

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Thursday, December 4, 2014
11:00am to 12:30pm PST

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The webinar will highlight the best practices and lessons learned by The Seattle Foundation and other leading community foundations, and provide a framework for audience members who want to better use their community foundation's institutional and financial resources to build community wealth. Marjorie Kelly and Violeta Duncan will present and discuss the findings of their new Democracy Collaborative report, A New Anchor Mission for a New Century: Community foundations deploying all resources to build community wealth, with experts from the field.


  •     Marjorie Kelly, senior fellow and director of special projects, The Democracy Collaborative
  •     Violeta Duncan, community development associate, The Democracy Collaborative
  •     Sandy Wiggins, principal, Consilience, LLC; chair, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE); and senior advisor, RSF Social Finance
  •     Patrick Horvath, director of economic opportunity, director of strengthening neighborhoods, The Denver Foundation
  •     Stuart Comstock-Gay, president & CEO, Vermont Community Foundation
  •     Robert Killins Jr., program director - Vibrant Places, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

In the report, Kelly and Duncan explore how community foundations across the country are embracing a new mission as key local anchors, catalyzing transformative community economic development and mission-focused investment. Profiling 30 cutting-edge community foundations — the "Innovative 30"— the report offers an exciting snapshot of an emerging trend, one driven both by the need in communities across the country for new thinking about seemingly intractable economic problems, and by the need for community foundations to assert their uniquely place-based capacity to convene local stakeholders and align local resources in an era of growing competition for donor-advised funds from national foundations linked to commercial banks and investment houses.

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