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Powerhouse Convenings

Powerhouse Convenings

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
10:00am to 11:00am PDT

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Registration is now closed. If you want to participate, please reach out to Nancy Sanabria. Wanting to stretch your impact as a funder? Learn how to make the BEST of your time together with grantees and other funders? Join us for this special one-hour webinar with Ted Lord of The Giving Practice! We'll learn tips and techniques to create Powerhouse Convenings. 

Powerhouse Convening: New Doorways to Funder and Community Engagement is the third publication in The Giving Practice's DIY Series, following DIY Strategy Improvements and Philanthropy’s Reflective Practices. The three can be used together as a full spectrum set of tools to “continue learning from practice.” The DIY guides are designed to share what The Giving Practice is learning alongside clients, like designing and facilitating powerhouse convenings. Powerhouse Convening is an extension of TGP’s mission to offer ideas for improving and innovating the sector and will help promote, facilitate and inspire effective philanthropy that supports a more vibrant and equitable region. After going through the webinar, participants will come away with the skills to engage their teams/colleagues in working better together and strategies for designing and facilitating more effective meetings. The exercises are all grounded by the belief that activating diverse voices and passions in a group ensures more innovative, equitable and sustainable results.

Join us for this special opportunity to improve your skills and help your teams and colleagues work better together for more effective meetings! 

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