Sharing What Matters: A Center for Effective Philanthropy Webinar on Foundation Transparency

Center for Effective Philanthropy
Wed, March 23, 2016,
1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT

Transparency is a much discussed topic of conversation across sectors — philanthropy included. But for foundations, it’s not always clear what is meant exactly by the word, who foundations’ primary audiences for their transparency efforts are, or what might be the most important things for funders to be transparent about. 

Philanthropy Northwest is pleased to invite you to join Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP)'s presentation based on survey data from 145 foundation CEOs and more than 15,000 grantees and systematically reviewed more than 70 foundation websites. The research reveals that funders see grantees as the primary audiences for their transparency efforts, and both foundations and grantees believe transparency about the substance of foundation work, rather than about financial disclosures or governance, matters most to effectiveness.

In this webinar, CEP’s Vice President, Research, Ellie Buteau will be presenting the findings, followed by a discussion with Peter Dunn, president & CEO of Central New York Community Foundation, Cathy Self, president & CEO of Baptist Healing Trust and John Tyler, general counsel and corporate secretary of Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, moderated by CEP’s President Phil Buchanan.

The cost of this event is $35.

Download the research report, "Sharing What Matters: Foundation Transparency"