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Transformational Capacity Building

Transformational Capacity Building

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Thursday, December 10, 2020
11:00am to 12:30pm PST

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Grassroots nonprofits of color play a crucial role in the nonprofit ecosystem. Despite this, many efforts to support nonprofits of color fall short. How does capacity-building look different when working with nonprofits of color? Join the authors of a recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article on Transformational Capacity Building as they cover the seven foundational elements of transformational capacity building that support grassroots organizations, with a focus on nonprofits of color. During this session, participants will get an overview of the key points of the article, opportunities to participate in breakout sessions and time to ask our speakers questions. Come ready to engage in a lively and thoughtful discussion.


  • Vu Le
    • Vu Le is the author of the blog Nonprofit AF. He is the former executive director of RVC and the Vietnamese Friendship Association and has decades of experience in working with grassroots organizations led by and serving communities of color.
  • April Nishimura
  • Roshni Sampath
    • Roshni Sampath is a capacity-building lead at RVC and a coach in training. Prior to working at RVC, she worked with education, direct service and advocacy nonprofits in fundraising, communications, human resources, and program development and delivery.
  • Anbar Mahar Sheikh
    • Anbar Mahar Sheikh is a capacity building lead at RVC and a consultant for RoadMap Consulting. She is currently working on a coaching certification. Prior to RVC, she worked with grassroots organizations led by and serving the American Muslim community.
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