Trust-Based Philanthropy Cohort - Session 3

Trust-Based Philanthropy Cohort - Session 3

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Event details

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
12:30pm to 3:30pm PDT

About this event

This session is part of a four-part curriculum and is only open to participants in the Trust-Based Philanthropy Cohort.

Philanthropy Northwest is excited to partner with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project again to offer a virtual Trust-Based Philanthropy Cohort in a new format designed to support you in taking the next steps to move your organization forward on your trust-based philanthropy journey.

This program is a four-part series designed for foundation leaders who are interested in advancing equity, shifting power and building mutually accountable relationships. Throughout the cohort, participants will focus on one of four dimensions of their organization’s work: culture, structures, leadership or practices. During each session, participants will deliberate, plan and take action on implementing trust-based philanthropy practices in that particular dimension. 

Session Information

In session three, participants will unpack their dilemmas with peers to gain more clarity on solutions to challenges they’re facing in their work and how they can leverage their role. Cohort members will also share where they have and haven’t made progress, and what resources, tools or support they need from the cohort to help them achieve their goals. 

Please contact Mares Asfaha with any questions.