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Unlocking Abundance: A Conversation About DAF Reform

Unlocking Abundance: A Conversation About DAF Reform

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Thursday, June 27, 2024
4:30pm to 6:30pm PDT
Centilia Cultural Center

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In the past few years, donor-advised funds have become a huge part of the conversation about charitable giving. But there is deep debate around donor-advised funds (DAFs). How can we increase the potential for DAFs to operate transparently, accountably and effectively as tools for charitable giving?

We invite you to an afternoon hosted by Magic Cabinet and Proximate, to discuss the future of DAFs in the United States – an opportunity for conversation, reflection and community-building.

We’ll catch up on the latest advocacy around federal and state DAF reform – and also hear from philanthropy leaders testing alternative models that steer power over DAF distribution to local communities.

We'll explore questions like: What role is federal DAF reform playing in an election year – and how are individual states pursuing their own regulations? How might DAF reform impact charitable giving in our region – and what demands are we hearing from local grassroots leaders and community-based organizations?

Join values-aligned leaders in philanthropy and beyond who are interested in making DAFs work for the greater good. Know someone else who should join us for this event? We encourage you to share this invitation with a donor, grantee or peer!

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