The Best Things To Do in Missoula, Montana From Our PNW24 Conference Committee Co-Chairs

The Best Things To Do in Missoula, Montana From Our PNW24 Conference Committee Co-Chairs

PNW24 conference art with the University of Montana clocktower in the foreground and colorful roaming hills in Missoula, Montana in the background. The text reads "The Best Things To Do in Missoula, Montana  From Our PNW24 Conference Committee Co-Chairs"

At Philanthropy Northwest, one of our organizational values is place. We are inspired and grounded in the diversity of our region’s people and cultures, and we are proud to call the Northwest our home.

This year at our PNW24 conference, we are leaning into this value by highlighting and celebrating our conference host city: Missoula, Montana.

We planned a handful of special opportunities for attendees to learn about and explore Missoula during the conference, but everyone knows that the best way to learn about things to do in a city is to ask the locals – so we did just that!

Mynor Alejandro Veliz, chief financial officer at Headwaters Foundation, and Mike Halligan, executive director at the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, are our conference committee co-chairs and Missoula locals. We asked them about their favorite things to do, their recommendations on places to go as well as what they are most looking forward to at PNW24.

Discover their recommendations and, if you have not already, register for the PNW24 conference below.

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What is your favorite thing to do in Missoula? 


“Hiking all of the various trails surrounding Missoula but I especially like the trail to the ‘M’ above the University of Montana campus. The Clark Fork River walk downtown starts right behind the Holiday Inn and runs on both sides of the river and is an excellent way to get some quick exercise.”


“I love to hit the trails on my bike during the summer, exploring every farmer's market I can find and, when winter rolls around, you'll catch me snowboarding down the slopes!”

What other Missoula recommendations do you have for PNW24 attendees?


“Bar, restaurant and brewery hopping downtown is a blast with many new bars and restaurants all over the downtown and across the Higgins Street bridge to the Hip Strip.” 


“If you're a coffee enthusiast, don't miss out on Clyde's Coffee – it's a fantastic spot and proudly women-owned! For a blend of adventure and relaxation, I recommend checking out the local biking trails or unwinding at one of our quirky local eateries. Dive into the local vibe and enjoy!”


What is one thing you are looking forward to at the PNW24 conference?


“Tangible ways that funders and nonprofits are implementing our ‘centering equity and social justice’ goals.”


“I'm really excited to connect with colleagues who are as passionate about trust-based philanthropy as I am. Let’s share insights, laugh and learn together!”

We’re so grateful to Mike and Mynor for serving as the conference co-chairs. We also want to give a special thanks to the PNW24 planning committee! Thank you to this group of philanthropic leaders from across our network for helping us making this conference happen:

Shona Carter Black Future Co-op Fund 
Michelle DeWitt Bethel Community Services Foundation
Cat Martin Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Ayyu  Qassataq Community Leader 
Omni Romero Pride Foundation 
Aleesha Towns-Bain Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation 
Huong Vu Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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