Correction: Alaska's Top 10 Funders

Correction: Alaska's Top 10 Funders


We recently found an error in our Trends report pertaining to Alaska. We originally published the list of top 10 funders that provided grantmaking data in multiple Trends reports over time. This automatically excluded any funders that were new to our dataset in the current reporting period. We’ve updated the list of top 10 grantmakers online and in the PDF report. If you downloaded a copy of the report prior to this morning, please download this corrected version.

Corrected: Top 10 Funders to Alaska, FY2012

  1. The Denali Commission (AK)
  2. Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (AK)
  3. Rasmuson Foundation (AK)
  4. Tanana Chiefs Conference (AK)
  5. Campion Foundation (WA)
  6. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (CA)
  7. ConocoPhillips (AK)
  8. The Alaska Community Foundation (AK)
  9. Arctic Slope Native Association LTD (AK)
  10. Alaska Conservation Foundation (AK)