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Why I Always Start a Meeting With a Check-In


Ted Lord, Senior Partner, The Giving Practice | One antidote to over-designed collaboration is the check-in. Check-ins are a way to open every gathering, whether a generative conversation or an implementation meeting. They can be as simple as asking everyone to share their current personal weather or as corrective as asking participants to share one thing from the last meeting that shifted or hasn’t sat well. more »

Howard Schultz and Starbucks Shine a Light on Veterans


Veterans Day is November 11, and while each year, it is an occasion to reflect on our nation’s ongoing commitment to our men and women who serve, this year is a bit unusual: a major Northwest funder and Philanthropy Northwest member with a deep passion for veterans issues – Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz – is launching a multi-pronged philanthropic effort to raise awareness of and destigmatize veterans transitioning to civilian life. more »

Want Greater Impact? Have a Conversation First


by Ted Lord, The Giving Practice. Collective Impact, philanthropy’s flavor of the day, has entered its back-biting season — a positive sign, given that push back is often a signal that a creative disruption is working. In this blog post, I’ll parse why the funder community has so enthusiastically embraced Collective Impact and how it has already produced learnings that we shouldn’t throw out when its season as the shiny new thing inevitably ends. more »