Philanthropy Leans In: Call for AC18 Session Proposals

Philanthropy Leans In: Call for AC18 Session Proposals


Philanthropy is being called to lead – more than ever before. In these uncertain times, philanthropy is being asked to be more responsive to community needs, be an equal partner alongside grantees, be an influential partner among government and businesses, and leverage its influential and critical voice to foster positive change. And we know that to tackle the most challenging issues of our time, we must band together.

Cross-sector collaborations are key, and policy and advocacy are fundamental to advance the change we want to see.

When philanthropy leans in, it thrives at the “intersections.” We no longer operate in our silos, and we believe that working this way, we are better able to accomplish our goals. In fact, more grantmakers are funding at the intersections of issues: arts and social change, the environment and the economy, dental health and Native sovereignty, education/healthcare and technology, to name just a few. This is happening across the spectrum of our membership: family, operating and community foundations, or corporations, banks and private foundations.

Northwest funders are breaking down silos – partnering across issues, sectors and institutions, because that is the only way forward.

Boise, Idaho is the right place to be holding these conversations; it is a city that fosters an environment where bold action is the norm. The City of Boise is known for its strong public/private partnerships that advance the well-being of the community through corporate, philanthropic and public efforts. The city is also highly adaptive, mobilizing philanthropy to support the growing diversity in its population. Boise is also a hub for impact investing, technology and entrepreneurialism. We are excited to be holding our conference in a place that so well represents our region’s innovative and collaborative solutions to community and environmental needs.

Our Request for Proposals for our 2018 conference is now open, and we want to hear from you: how are you advancing new, pivotal partnerships, engaging in challenging conversations, proposing bold policy positions or equitable or innovative grantmaking strategies? Join us in Boise, Idaho to learn from peers, gain new skills and put community at the center of our grantmaking and collaborations.

Inspired to continue the conversation? Propose a session through our RFP process! Session topics are recommended (but not limited to):

  • Authentic and Impactful Engagement and Collaboration
  • Addressing Unique Needs of Rural Communities
  • Best Practices and Developments in Education, Health, Veterans, Workforce, and more 
  • Capacity Building for Nonprofit and Community-Led Organizations
  • Corporate Philanthropy and Community Partnerships 
  • Decision Making with Trustees and Board Members 
  • Engaging in Difficult Conversations
  • Impact Investing and Mobilizing Capital
  • Native and Indigenous-Led Funding Efforts
  • Philanthropy's Role in Advocacy and Policy
  • Racial Equity and Racial Healing
  • Supporting Grassroots and Frontline Communities  
  • Transparency and Accountability in Philanthropy 

Proposals accepted until May 8!

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