PNW19 Thoughts and Reflections

PNW19 Thoughts and Reflections


It was wonderful seeing everyone during PNW19, exchanging ideas and learning together. We asked our conference committee members to share with us what they heard at PNW19 that stuck with them. Here are their reflections:

Speaking Truth to Power

  • "I heard so much 'speaking truth to power' that I truly felt that PNW was walking the walk and helping their members and participants hear that truth. It wasn’t easy to hear, but it was refreshing to hear. I felt that PNW was allowing its members to hold up a mirror and hear the voices of leaders, whom they do not often hear from, the challenges faced by barriers, we in philanthropy, erect. I came into the conference with hope and left with hope that we have the courage (because we certainly have the power) to remove those barriers."
  • "I was excited about the lighting talk on participatory grantmaking and learning about how other groups are shifting power about grantmaking decisions to those most affected by the issues or problems being addressed."

Inspiration and Collaboration 

  • "I am excited/inspired by some of the collaborative dialogue I had with other foundations in my region."
  • "What impressed me the most, and over and over again, was the richness and the power of the voices, ideas, energy, commitment by the speakers, presenters and attendees to learn, absorb information and move forward with a sense of doing good while doing well in their respective organizations."

Time to Reflect

  • "I left with an inner joy, as I talked with my staff who were attending the conference for the first time, soaking up everything PNW had to offer. And by the end of the week, they told me that they felt saturated, in a good way, with so much new information about racial equity and social justice, and they want more!"
  • "I think the main thing I’ve been reflecting on, as a first-time attendee, is how to think critically about DEI and power dynamics throughout our interactions with nonprofit partners from the pitfalls and possibilities of site visits to rethinking how (and why) we do grant reports. We get so preoccupied with our day-to-day work we rarely pause to reflect on our practices. I’m thankful for this conference to allow for that space and time for reflection among so many smart and passionate people!"

How about you? What's still on your mind from #PNW19? We'd love to hear any impressions, takeaways or feedback from attendees. Before December 18, you can let us know by filling out our survey online. After December 18, email Elyse Gordon, senior program manager or call her at 206-267-9955. Elyse and others are already starting to plan for #PNW20 so now is your chance to let her know what kinds of sessions you want more of when we gather in Missoula, Montana on October 6-8, 2020.