Share your Story and your Voice at PNW19!

Share your Story and your Voice at PNW19!


We could not do our annual conference without the incredible support of our peers across the region. This year, we are supported by a dynamic group of philanthropists and practitioners who represent a huge range of foundations: Public, Operating, Community, Corporate, Native, Health and Private. WOW. 

With the guidance of our committee, we have also slightly amended our conference format to better complement the two-day program, and to give more people a chance to tell their philanthropy story. We couldn't build out our conference without you, our network and our members. So, we've extended our Call for Proposals until June 12! Not sure if your talk is a good fit? Call Elyse Gordon at 206-267-9955 to talk it through. 

On behalf of our committee and the whole Philanthropy Northwest staff, we can't wait to see what stories you have to share and how you'll help bring our conference to life. 

You won't want to miss the incredible program we're developing this year, which is sure to build on the powerful momentum that the 2018 conference committee helped to co-create.

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