Thanking Kiran Ahuja for Her Leadership

Thanking Kiran Ahuja for Her Leadership

Kiran Ahuja on stage at the Philanthropy Northwest Annual Conference in 2019
Aleesha Towns-Bain | Guest Contributor, Philanthropy Northwest Board Chair

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Philanthropy Northwest, I want to thank Kiran for her outstanding leadership and wish her the best as she transitions to her next chapter in public service.

She has left a lasting impact on the philanthropic sector and it has been an honor and privilege to work with Kiran over the past four years. Kiran has worked diligently to advance Philanthropy Northwest’s mission, while being both passionate and compassionate. The strength of her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and her values of accountability and authenticity have transformed our organization and network to one focused on advancing racial equity.

As an innovative leader, Kiran has thought bigger about our future. Under her leadership we expanded our voice in the fieldby  speaking out against systemic racism and threats against our democracy. Kiran’s gift for building strong relationships with diverse stakeholders helped build more authentic cross-sector partnerships including funding for census efforts, food support during COVID-19 and relief for nonprofits led by and serving communities most impacted by the pandemic.

Thanks to Kiran’s strategic vision we increased our internal investments in advocacy and policy to work towards meaningful change for our communities. At a pivotal time for philanthropy, she created a  strong frameworkfor convening around critical issues facing our communities, breaking down internal silos to coordinate across programs and increase our impact. Internally, she leaves behind a compassionate environment characterized by high performance, a service orientation and a commitment to excellence.

Above all else, Kiran aligned us all around a vision for philanthropy to show up in bigger and bolder ways. We hope you will join us in expressing gratitude for her leadership.

Kiran’s last day with Philanthropy Northwest is April 30, with Anjana Pandey stepping in as interim CEO during the transition. We have confidence in the strength and knowledge of our staff, who will continue to advance our mission of building resilient, equitable and inclusive communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Aleesha Towns-Bain, Philanthropy Northwest Board Chair