Thinking Bigger About the Future: Welcome our new CEO, Kiran Ahuja

Thinking Bigger About the Future: Welcome our new CEO, Kiran Ahuja

Kevin Walker, Board Chair, Philanthropy Northwest; President and CEO, Northwest Area Foundation

I’m delighted to welcome Kiran Ahuja as the new CEO of Philanthropy Northwest.
Kiran joins the organization at just the right time: summer. While many of us think of summer as a time for vacation and relaxation, it’s also a time for growth. It’s a time for learning, for reflection, and for building on progress we’ve already made throughout the year.
At Philanthropy Northwest, we’re ready to turn our strategy framework into action. We’re well aware of the shifting landscape of philanthropy and the pivotal role that a learning network like Philanthropy Northwest can play in fostering positive change. We’ve been seeking a leader who could honor the legacy of the organization, and at the same time, think bigger about our future. We sought a leader who shared our values and who could be a bridge builder—across our different geographies and member types, as well as bring together new partners and collaborators. From Kiran’s breadth of experience and her natural inclination to think across silos, to seeing her in action the last two weeks, it’s clear she can fulfill these lofty aspirations.
In Kiran’s own words, what attracted her to Philanthropy Northwest are some of the same reasons that attract so many of us to be part of this special organization.
“What drew me to Philanthropy Northwest is the fact it’s so community-centered, really putting communities first. It’s a learning network that clearly values knowledge-sharing and creates spaces to learn from and connect with each other—through webinars, trainings, gatherings, and other forums.
Philanthropy Northwest strives to be an innovator, incubating new ideas and approaches and leading the charge on important issues within the sector. What also stands out is Philanthropy Northwest’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and the organization’s drive to push this agenda. Lastly, it’s the organization’s belief in honoring our past, our people, and our culture that makes Philanthropy Northwest unique.”
Both Kiran and I are looking forward to a summer of learning and growing. We hope you will share your thoughts and ideas with us as we launch into this next phase of the organization and implementing our strategy framework across the six states of our region. What should we be thinking about? What do you see as the priorities for the year ahead?
Let’s find the path forward together.


Kevin Walker
Board Chair, Philanthropy Northwest
President & CEO, Northwest Area Foundation