New Year, New Possibilities: What Feels Possible for Philanthropy in 2024 that Didn’t Before

New Year, New Possibilities: What Feels Possible for Philanthropy in 2024 that Didn’t Before

A sky blue graphic with two women jumping up into the air and the words "To new possibilities in 2024" in the middle and the Philanthropy Northwest and The Giving Practice logos underneath.

Happy New Year! At Philanthropy Northwest and The Giving Practice, our team of staff and consultants are excited to see what 2024 holds for our organization and our sector.

Last year as a network we sought to reimagine philanthropy. Together, we leaned into feelings of joy and courage, created spaces for innovation and connected with one another to re-think our work. As we look ahead, we're eager to build on this momentum and take on new possibilities to transform ourselves and our work in partnership with all of you.

We asked our team to reflect and share what they think is possible for philanthropy in 2024 that wasn't before.

Check out what they said below and join in on the conversation on our social media!



What do you think is possible for philanthropy in 2024 that wasn't before?


Chief Executive Officer 

A greater commitment to be in stronger relationships and engagement with community leaders and our grantee partners as thought partners to inform our practices and work.




Senior Analyst, TGP  

I am hopeful that our sector will lean into spaces that shift power and continue to move toward greater equity, inclusion and justice. 



Director, Membership  

To continue not only our learning but also our action around repair and truth-telling in ways that are restorative and productive. Looking forward to seeing philanthropy lean into new spaces and showing up for communities in creative and bold ways.



Chief of Staff

There is energy and clearer alignment that we’re setting ourselves up for long-term transformation in philanthropy’s partnerships and impactfulness with community. 



Associate Director, Marketing & Communications 

I'm hopeful for philanthropy’s “bold,” “courageous,” community-centered shifts of 2023 and before to become more and more the norm. 



Manager, Programs  

In 2024 I look forward to seeing the sector continue to practice out loud, the learnings from the year past, especially around reparative action and accountable relationships. 



Manager, Marketing & Communications  

This year, our network took steps to learn the roots of systemic inequities and pursue truth-telling. In 2024, I’m excited to see the sector use the learnings and tools we now have to take bold action on racial equity.



Senior Advisor, TGP

2023 threw a lot at us, leaving me frustrated, angry and sad. For 2024, I draw inspiration from Duke Ellington who ”merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."



Associate, Marketing & Communications  

In 2024 I think our partners will create and prioritize trust-based relationships with their grantees.



Manager, TGP Business  

Spaciousness: to deepen relationships, for difficult conversations, to learn and grow, and to find joy in our collective work.