WA Food Fund

WA Food Fund


As communities in Washington continue to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, there are far too many people without enough to eat. WA Food Fund is raising money to provide food and supplies for those in need during this crisis.

The lines outside food banks continue to grow longer every day while they struggle to meet crushing demand - with donations having dropped by 70 percent. At the moment, a projected $11 million is needed to fill gaps in support over the next two weeks.

We need to act now to ensure that everyone in Washington has enough to eat. Every dollar donated helps provide meals for a child or family in need. 

Not All Washingtonians Are Getting Enough to Eat

An estimated 1.6 million Washingtonians are at risk of not having enough food to eat. That is double the number of people than before the virus outbreak. 

“Kids shouldn’t need to know you’re rationing.” - Lisa

Your donation will help families like Lisa’s. Her husband recently lost his part-time job due to COVID19, leaving her as the sole provider for her family of four. She’s concerned not only about keeping her family fed, but also making sure her kids feel a sense of normalcy through this crisis - “Kids shouldn’t need to know you’re rationing.” Even though times are tough for Lisa and her family right now, she’s grateful for food banks your donation will support.

What is the WA Food Fund?

WA Food Fund is a relief fund that supports food banks and pantries across the state so they can maintain their food supply. Our statewide food supply chain remains steady, and deliveries to grocery stores continue uninterrupted. There is enough food across the state of Washington, but it’s not getting onto the tables of those in need. 

Philanthropy Northwest is receiving donations and working directly with three food relief organizations — Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest and Second Harvest — to ensure that funds reach every corner of our state, and that food banks can procure the goods they need. A donation to this fund reaches your neighborhood food bank and countless others across the state.


WA Food Fund is now one of the cause funds prioritized by All In WA, a new relief effort to help impacted workers and families across the state.

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Support the WA Food Fund

Your donation can make a difference.
Even a few dollars can help put food on every table in Washington.
Together, we can help feed every family. 



Other Ways to Donate to the WA Food Fund

Members of Philanthropy Northwest and other foundations may be interested in additional opportunities to support the WA Food Fund.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to Philanthropy Northwest.

To find out more, please contact us.

Philanthropy Northwest is honored to host pooled funds for the WA Food Fund Initiative. In this role, Philanthropy Northwest supports communication and coordination across the philanthropic network, including corporate funders, foundations and donors to help support fundraising efforts. In exchange for this support, Philanthropy Northwest receives a modest fee to cover its administration costs.