Financial Health & Social Good:Steering through Uncharted Waters: Funder Webinar

Wed, December 14, 2016,
1:00pm to 2:00pm EST

Uncertain about the future nonprofit funding and policy landscape?

There are steps you can take to prepare your organization for whatever may be coming.

The Nonprofit Finance Fund has been teaching this preparedness to thousands of social sector leaders for decades. In response to concerns voiced in the post-election period, they are offering special webinars to help nonprofit leaders and funders talk openly and plan proactively, so that mission-driven organizations can have and maintain the financial strength to support their communities.

Understanding nonprofits' financial health and readiness, and crafting potential scenarios for programs and services, are the crucial first steps to ensuring continued services to underserved communities.

For Funders: Understand the challenges facing nonprofit leaders, and how grantmaking can be aligned with adaptability and long-term stability, including how to: 

  • Ask your grantees the key questions that need to be addressed now
  • Assess their ability to weather uncertainty
  • Determine if your current practices best support your grantees' needs
  • Respond to immediate concerns without endangering long-term organizational health

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