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November 2015 |
Anne Yoon, Associate, The Giving Practice | The conversations at PolicyLink's Equity Summit conference about diversity, equity and inclusion took a different tone than the ones I've heard at foundation offices this year. Our sense of urgency climbed as we discussed DEI in the context of immigration, a living wage and police brutality. We must believe that philanthropy has a role in the ecosystem of social change and has the responsibility to act. How is philanthropy being a partner to the movement builders, the organizers, the advocates, the community? How can philanthropy be a more effective partner, right now?
October 2015 | Philanthropy Northwest

Jeff Clarke, CEO | The fourth stop of our Local Matters 2015 series found us in Anchorage, Alaska with leaders from more than 35 organizations, from Bristol Bay to Washington, D.C. For many, it was a life-changing experience. We were welcomed as guests to First Alaskans Institute's 32nd annual Elders and Youth Conference and to the Alaska Federation of Natives — National Congress of American Indians 4th annual Tribal Conference with state and federal policy makers. We were privy to the inner workings of a 10,000-year-old culture as elders passed on their wisdom and traditions to a new generation of Native voices. Despite more than 220 federally recognized tribes in Alaska, each community was honored and rejoiced equally, and spent a week united in both the challenges they share and the opportunities that lie ahead.

October 2015 |
Local Matters: Alaska + Indigenous Communities is just days away! We're pleased to confirm that leaders from these organizations will be joining us in Anchorage, October 11 to 14:
September 2015 |
Mission Investors Exchange, a network of more than 200 foundations engaged in impact investing across the country, has announced Matt Onek as its new CEO. The network, incubated by Philanthropy Northwest, is a national membership organization that shares ideas, tools and experiences to increase the impact of financial capital. “Matt brings a remarkably diverse set of experiences to the work and is the right person to lead Mission Investors Exchange into its future. Philanthropy Northwest, which has long been committed to advancing the field of impact investing, looks forward to working with him to continue the work of building local capacity," said Philanthropy Northwest CEO Jeff Clarke.
Matt Onek
September 2015 |
Lyn Hunter, Senior Program Manager | With "Philanthropy is... Indigenous Ways of Knowing" as our theme, we are stepping beyond our standard programs next month to offer an invitation that echoes our own journey: to listen and experience a very different way of thinking about philanthropy, community and impact. In my nine years at Philanthropy Northwest, I have never been more excited about a program than I am about Local Matters: Alaska + Indigenous Communities next month. Here's why.