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January 24, 2023
11:00am to 12:00pm

Start the new year off right by joining us for our first Corporate Funders meeting of 2023. In this call, we will hear from Philanthropy Northwest's new CEO, Jill Nishi, and the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals' president and CEO, Carolyn Berkowitz, on their respective...

Denim blue event banner that says "Corporate Funders Group" and has a photo of a convening of people on the right side
June 25, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am

How prevalent are white nationalist groups in the Northwest? The racist fringe subculture that led the U.S. capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021 is part of a larger movement. Its “alt-right” coalition is shaping the public narrative on national policies, endangering community cohesion and...

Event banner for Philanthropy Northwest Network Call with icon of three people talking
February 2021 |

As 2020 presented extraordinary challenges to communities around the world, we witnessed incredible resilience and ingenuity across nonprofit organizations here in the Northwest as they bravely served their communities. At Bank of America, we focus on fostering economic mobility in the...

The young women discuss what other food to put into the paper bag at the food drive.
September 2020 |

To prevent a 2020 Census undercount in Boise, funders worked with each other and the city government to build awareness and encourage people to take the census. This Idaho Bright Spot details the story of the local partners' efforts that led to Boise achieving a 2020 Census self-response rate higher than both the national average and its own 2010 rate.

Cover image for Idaho Bright Spot: Supporting an Accurate Census Count
October 2018 |

Deepening political polarization is one of the greatest challenges facing American democracy. This Idaho Bright Spot details how citizen-run forums alleviated divisions within a community, encouraged civic participation in local projects and became a useful resource for government agencies...

Thumbnail of Idaho Bright Spot: Solving Problems for the Common Good
August 2018 | Philanthropy Northwest

Commitment to place is a core value at Philanthropy Northwest and to community foundations. Honoring place means that we acknowledge both the bright spots and the difficult truths of the places in our region that many of us call home. We do not want to shy away from this complexity, but rather make the most of this opportunity. We will be in Boise for PNW18 at a time of unprecedented growth and diversity.

May 25, 2017
9:30am to 11:00am

The effects of natural and manmade disasters have become more frequent, far-reaching and widespread. As a result, preserving the safety, security and prosperity of all parts of our society is becoming more challenging. Our nation’s traditional approach to managing the risks associated with these disasters relies heavily on the government. However, today’s changing reality is affecting all levels of government in their efforts to improve our resilience while grappling with the limitations of their capabilities. Even in small- and medium-sized disasters, which the government is generally effective at managing, significant access and service gaps still exist. In large-scale disasters or catastrophes, government resources and capabilities can be overwhelmed. In this call, Mike Riedy and Matt Cedar will provide an overview of the four phases of emergency management, differences between community recovery and individual recovery and suggest ways to support the long-term recovery group process, including why financial contributions are best.