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July 2015 |
Kevin Walker, Vice Chair of Board Operations | I have had the privilege of serving on Philanthropy Northwest’s board of directors since 2010, and have found it to be a remarkable leadership development experience. Our board, like the broader membership, is made up of engaged, passionate leaders who care deeply about the communities they serve. I am pleased to share that for the first time in its history, Philanthropy Northwest is seeking nominations directly from our members for board candidates to be elected this fall.
June 2015 | Philanthropy Northwest
Jeff Clarke continues his series of conversations with leaders in the region and across the field with Mickey Babcock, founder of the Equipoise Fund, a private foundation that aims to energize, enrich and encourage the vision, voice and visibility of Wyoming's women and girls.
April 2015 | Philanthropy Northwest

Jon Stahl, Communications Director | I’ve just returned from Local Matters: Wyoming, the first event in our 2015 Local Matters series, which brought together more than 80 people from foundations and nonprofits engaged in Wyoming philanthropy. Here are a few highlights from a rich, engaging and wide-ranging conversation about how philanthropy is... right next door.

February 2015 | Philanthropy Northwest

In this 5th edition of "Trends in Northwest Giving - 2014," we analyzed 23,783 grants to northwest organizations from 245 funders in 2012, totaling $958,347,806. This represents a 4% decline in giving over 2010, which was expected given the volatile economic recovery since the 2008 recession. Read on to find out about giving in our region, state-by-state trends and more!

Cover image for Trends in NW Giving 2014 report-a elder man with gray hair and mustache wearing a white shirt and white cowboy hat
August 2014 | Philanthropy Northwest
On the July 31 Montana-Wyoming-Idaho Funders Teleconference, Jo Ann Eder, president of The O.P. & W.E. Edwards Foundation, Inc. and Dawn McGee, president of High Stakes Foundation reflected on their separate mission investments into the same project – NeighborWorks Montana and ROC USA.
July 2012 | Philanthropy Northwest

This edition of "Trends in Northwest Giving - 2012" captures more than $1.08 billion made to the Northwest in 2010. This is a 23.5% decline from the numbers reported in 2008. Download the report to learn about other post-2008 recession giving trends in our six-state region.

Cover image for Trends in NW Giving 2012 report-a picture of 5 dandelion-like seed pods