Philanthropy Northwest helps corporate foundations and giving programs achieve their community impact objectives. Contact Kristen Holway to learn more about our offerings.

Philanthropy Northwest connects funders in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Thanks to the support of our sustaining members, we offer a monthly call allowing grantmakers in the three-state region to share information and build relationships that inspire change. Contact Paul Kim for more information.

Community capacity is the complex web of attributes that enable a community to build solutions to public problems and improve well-being. For information about our work in this area, please contact Audrey Haberman, Managing Partner of The Giving Practice at

Philanthropy Northwest supports the Alaska Funders Group, a network for our members and other grantmakers who fund in Alaska. The group meets quarterly. Contact Lyn Hunter, senior program manager, for more information.

Philanthropy Northwest helps community foundation staff and trustees stay connected to the issues that affect their community members and identify fellow grantmakers who share their interests. Please contact Lyn Hunter for more information.

The Northwest has a thriving impact investing ecosystem, and through our network, programs and publications, we are championing the pioneers of this field.



Philanthropy Northwest creates a forum for family foundation staff and trustees to network and learn together. Contact Leslie Silverman for more information.

The Northwest is and has always been Indian Country. In 2006, Philanthropy Northwest made a commitment to strengthen philanthropic engagement in Indian Country.

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Philanthropy Northwest supports communities of funders.

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