We Need to Talk About Democracy and Equity

We Need to Talk About Democracy and Equity

Audrey Haberman, Interim CEO

Nationally and regionally, our communities are dealing with the grief, frustration and anger that results from the persistence of fear, injustice and inequity.

We know these issues are complicated. We also know philanthropy has an important role to play in the creation of policies and solutions to address these challenges.

In addition to our own offerings, we are grateful to be connected to many incredible partners in the field with relevant resources for you:

What Brings Us Together?

As your learning network, we are focused on addressing the real experiences of people in our communities. Many of us have been having conversations with family, friends and colleagues about the crises we face — but we are also hearing a strong desire from you for a place to talk more formally with others in our field. While the concepts of democracy and equity have always been part of our annual conference planning, we are more committed than ever to creating and holding space for us to step forward together through those lenses, Under One Sky in Missoula, Montana this fall.

I always feel transformed by the authentic, thought-provoking and instructive conversations I have at Philanthropy Northwest's conference. We hope you will join us on this journey as we continue to create opportunities to think collectively about supporting and investing in strategies to achieve our shared vision: Northwest communities have vibrant, healthy futures the honor our past, our people and our cultures.  

Audrey Haberman is Philanthropy Northwest's interim CEO and managing partner of The Giving Practice, our national consulting team. She can be reached at ahaberman@philanthropynw.org.