Virtual Roundtable: State Nonprofit Association Leaders

Virtual Roundtable: State Nonprofit Association Leaders


Our "virtual roundtable" interviews feature a group of leaders from across our network who work on a common issue area, illuminating the diversity of place-based approaches to the topic at hand. We kicked this series off in February with the CEOs of five healthcare conversion foundations. For our March roundtable, we're talking with the seven leaders of the Pacific Northwest's statewide nonprofit associations:

Janice Fulkerson

Idaho Nonprofit Center
As she prepares to transition to a new career, Janice shares her insights on Idaho's nonprofit sector priorities, successes and challenges.  MORE>>

Nancy Long

501 Commons
With her network, formerly the Executive Service Corps of Washington, building on its capacity-building and leadership development offerings, Nancy is also looking to how we can make corporate and private philanthropy more effective.  MORE>>

Alison McCaffree

Washington Nonprofits
Alison's focus includes weaving stronger networks among nonprofits, funders, government officials and other stakeholders. (We're looking forward to her annual conference in May!)  MORE>>

Liz Moore

Montana Nonprofit Association
A range of public policy matters and rural outreach strategies are top priorities for Liz this year — at the local, state and national levels — as she prepares for several convenings this summer and fall.  MORE>>

Jody Shields

Wyoming Nonprofit Network
Helming the smallest association at our roundtable, Jody is excited to work on growing Wyoming's nonprofit capacity, releasing a new state of the sector report later this year.  MORE>>

Jim White

Nonprofit Association of Oregon
The leader of the oldest association at our roundtable, Jim has his eye on Oregon's rising minimum wage and how it will impact the state's nonprofits.  MORE>>

Laurie Wolf

The Foraker Group
Both the newest CEO at our roundtable and the one with the most years of experience with her association, Laurie brings a unique perspective to Alaska's nonprofit sector network.  MORE>>



Read valuable research about the nonprofit sector produced by our statewide nonprofit association partners for their respective states

We'll be bringing you additional virtual roundtables on a regular basis throughout the year. To suggest a theme, email Nicole Neroulias Gupte, communications manager.