Our Consulting Team

Senior Advisor

Dawn focuses on a wide range of strategic advisory work including business model development, sustainability planning and strategic human capital development. She brings over 20 years of expertise across the policy, corporate and philanthropic sectors. more »

Senior Advisor

For 17 years, Lisa has served nationally and internationally as a coach, a facilitator, and an educational, organizational and development consultant for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  In 2014, she was named a Social Impact Fellow by RSF Social Finance. Most recently, she led the successful efforts in Idaho to pass Benefit Corporation Legislation. more »

Managing Director

Audrey has been the managing director of The Giving Practice team since 2011. She has worked with dozens of foundations, helping them develop strategies, improve their governance and lead productive collaborations. She is passionate about people, places and communities. more »


Senior Partner

Jan has been at The Giving Practice for seven years and her consulting focus is on refreshing strategic plans and creation of onboarding and professional development programs. She is the founder of Philanthropy’s Reflective Practices which is a project to share lessons learned from philanthropy practitioners about skills to navigate classic dilemmas that emerge at work. more »

Senior Advisor

Anne brings 20+ years of experience in foundation, nonprofit and corporate organizational management, development and governance, strategic communications and philanthropic advising. She loves connecting people, ideas and resources. As a senior advisor, Anne focuses on a range of strategic advisory work, which includes conducting organizational assessments to develop and refresh internal systems, structures and human resources, as well as running comprehensive programmatic and executive searches, developing grantmaking programs and systems and convening grantees. more »

Managing Partner

Sindhu brings over 16 years of experience leading facilitation, strategy, planning and assessment projects for public and philanthropic leaders and organizations. Sindhu also co-leads strategy and business planning for The Giving Practice. She has launched special initiatives including the first class of Momentum Fellows and peer cohorts of CEOs and trustees advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. more »


Senior Partner

Ted Lord has been integral to the growth of The Giving Practice since its founding. His multi-year work with Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project, national child welfare CEOs, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Building Community Philanthropy, the Road Map funders group and Philanthropist Forum centers around supporting collaboratives, especially in their adventures to discover how to contribute all their various forms of capital. more »

Business Partner

Sally Martin brings 20 years of experience in philanthropy working with nonprofits, corporate giving programs and foundations. She was the Deputy Director of Grants Management at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and had a private practice as a consultant and coach. more »


Senior Partner

Mark helps clients make an impact through strategic planning, collaborative inquiry, group facilitation, influence strategy, research and development, and tool and visual design. His past clients have included a wide range of foundations and philanthropy-serving organizations around the country. Mark’s passion is to help leaders in the social sector develop and spread good ideas and champion the causes they care about. more »

Senior Advisor and Impact Investing Catalyst Fellow

Rosalie Sheehy Cates helps foundations with impact investing. She combines respect for the fiduciary role with a curious and generative approach to investing. Rosalie can help boards with impact investing exploration; formal decision-making; and crafting policies and procedures. She also trains and mentors foundation staff and investment committees by working through real transactions hands-on. Her ready-to-use templates for policies, procedures and deal analysis have proven useful at many foundations. more »

Research Analyst

Anbar brings over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector and has a passion for capacity-building for the nonprofit and philanthropy world. Anbar’s passion also lies in helping teams create processes and policies that help strengthen the infrastructure of the organization. Her experience includes strategic planning, facilitation and designing organizational retreats. more »



Leslie is passionate about helping funders be more efficient and effective in how they approach philanthropy. She also enjoys working with funders interested in strengthening funder-grantee relationships and fostering peer learning among funders and grantees. more »


Senior Advisor

Pat Vinh-Thomas brings nearly 20 years of experience in participatory evaluation, research and policy analysis in community-building and public health systems change initiatives, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations. more »