Washington Census Equity Fund

Washington Census Equity Fund

Ensuring Washington’s communities count.

Through the Washington Census Equity Fund, we are bringing together funders to support census education and outreach efforts across the state with communities that have historically been undercounted. This statewide pooled fund among more than 30 philanthropy partners aims to ensure a robust and accurate count. 


We’ll reach more people working together. 

With the Census Equity Fund, we’ve been able to fund approximately 80 organizations and programs across the state that are working to raise awareness of the census and ensure each and every person is counted. 

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Challenges to Washingtonians Being Counted

A full census count is critical to Washington’s democracy. The results inform the distribution of vital government resources and political representation in our communities for years to come. The philanthropic sector also relies on census data to understand community demographic trends and guide investments.

In Washington, many communities are at risk of being undercounted because:

  • At least 53,000 Washingtonians live in rural, tribal or non-traditional tracts that are harder and more expensive to count.
  • Nearly 13 percent of Washington households have no or limited internet service, undermining their participation in the first high-tech census.
  • Nearly one in six children under age five live in communities historically undercounted. 


Census Equity Fund Goals

To support a robust count, partners of the Census Equity Fund have set the following priorities for using the pooled funds:

  • Increase communication and coordination of work around the 2020 Census in Washington.
  • Achieve effective, efficient, strategic and increased philanthropic investments. 
  • Support education, community outreach, regional communications, policy advocacy and other “get out the count” activities.
  • Prioritize funding for outreach in communities that historically have been undercounted.

Through the Census Equity Fund, philanthropy is not only promoting a full count in 2020, but is also building a blueprint for stronger collaboration in the future to support communities in fostering a more vibrant democracy. 


Funded Outreach Efforts

The Washington Census Equity Fund has announced two rounds of grants to support community-based organizations and tribes across the state in conducting outreach to historically undercounted communities.


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We can all play a role to ensure each and every person in Washington is counted. Check out these resources for information on how the census works, messaging to support your outreach, as well as training and events.


Interested in Washington census efforts?

Members of our census team are happy to discuss census efforts in Washington state with you.