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The Washington Census Equity Fund, managed by Philanthropy Northwest, is a statewide pooled fund of philanthropy partners to support 2020 Census outreach, education and resources to ensure a robust and accurate count. Key goals of the fund include:  

  • Increase communication and coordination of work around the 2020 Census in Washington
  • Achieve effective, efficient, strategic and increased philanthropic investments 
  • Support education, community outreach, regional communications, policy advocacy and other “Get Out the Count” activities
  • Prioritize funding for outreach in hard-to-count communities

For more information on the statewide Washington Census Equity Fund, please see the background information in Making Washington Count in 2020.

Washington Census Equity Fund News and Updates

September 2019: The Regional Fund, managed by Seattle Foundation, releases an RFP for 2020 Census outreach and Education

The Regional Census Equity Fund maximizes the impact of public and philanthropic resources to support the desired outcome of a robust, fair and accurate 2020 Census count across King County, Washington and to create a model for community mobilization beyond. Funding amounts are from $5,000-$20,000 and support organizations in raising awareness around the 2020 Census, including outreach, education and questionnaire assistance. This funding can support events, tabling or other integration of census related activities. Organizations can request any amount within the range. Grant amounts will depend on scope of work.

For more information, check out Seattle Foundation's website. Proposals are due on October 16, 2019. For questions, please email Bao-Tram Do at B.Do@seattlefoundation.org.

June 2019: Census Outreach Efforts Receive $1.5 Million to Support a Full and Accurate Count in Washington State

With more than $16 billion of federal funding for critical state infrastructure at stake in the 2020 Census, philanthropic partners announced $1.5 million in total grants to enable community-based organizations to conduct effective outreach in communities across Washington state. Read More

For more News and Updates, please visit 2020 Census News.

Join the Washington Census Equity Fund

The Washington Census Equity Fund will maximize the impact and effectiveness of strategically invested philanthropic resources to ensure a robust and accurate count across the state. If you would like to invest or align your funding to the statewide Washington Census Equity Fund in order to maximize your impact, please contact the Washington Census Equity Team for more information.

Support the Statewide Washington Census Equity Fund

A robust census is the first step in making sure that our communities have good jobs, roads, schools, healthcare and other social services - now and in the future. Everyone, individuals and organizations, can make a difference in local communities by contributing to the Washington Census Equity Fund.


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For more information on the statewide Washington Census Equity Fund, email Ankita Patel, public policy and advocacy manager at Philanthropy Northwest. Current grantees and community-based organizations may email their inquiries to our fund directly.

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