Past Events


The Landscape of Health Policy and System Change Advocacy in Washington State: Responding to the New Reality

January 17, 2017,
9:30am to 11:00am
Seattle, WA + Online

In this session funders will have a better understanding of healthy policy and systems change in the rapidly shifting landscape in Washington and implications of policy change at the Federal level. Washington Community Action Network and Northwest Health Law Advocates are consumer advocacy organizations working to ensure access to affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Washington residents. As a partnership, they strategically combine grassroots organizing with policy advocacy. Hear about their impact on the state's health system transformation efforts as they seek to ensure that the proposed changes are responsive to the needs and concerns of consumers, especially the most vulnerable. Learn about the links between this work and issues of racial equity and the "social determinants of health" - factors that affect health status such as homelessness, substandard housing, unemployment, adverse childhood experiences, and environmental factors.