Virtual Roundtable: Rural Funders

Virtual Roundtable: Rural Funders


Our "virtual roundtable" interviews feature a group of leaders from across our network who work on a common issue area, illuminating the diversity of place-based approaches to the shared topic. We kicked this series off in February with the CEOs of five healthcare conversion foundations, then continued in March with the seven heads of the Pacific Northwest's statewide nonprofit associations and April with four leading arts funders. For May, we interviewed five grantmakers about funding rural communities:

Pamela Jons

Whatcom Community Foundation
After two decades working in the public sector and running a small business, Pamela was drawn to the transformational opportunities for philanthropy in northern Washington.  MORE>>

Anne Kubisch

The Ford Family Foundation
Anne relocated to rural Oregon three years ago for the "third half" of her career, which had previously focused on developing countries and urban American neighborhoods.  MORE>>

Karla Miller

Northwest Area Foundation
Born and raised in a rural community, Karla now lives with her husband and cat on a former dairy farm and maple syrup production site. Her lifelong commitment to small-town revitalization has included opening a bookstore and operating a CDFI.  MORE>>

Mary Rutherford

Montana Community Foundation
A Philanthropy Northwest board member based in Montana, with roots in Alaska and Idaho, Mary is deeply familiar with a range of rural communities in our region. MORE>>

Craig Showalter

Wyoming Community Foundation
At the helm of one of our newest member organizations, funding in one of America's most rural states, Craig looks forward to sharing insights, challenges and opportunities with Philanthropy Northwest's network.  MORE>>


We'll be bringing you additional virtual roundtables on a regular basis throughout the year. To suggest a theme, email Nicole Neroulias Gupte, senior communications manager.