Snapshot of Foundation Giving to the Northwest

Snapshot of Foundation Giving to the Northwest

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November, 2016
Foundation Center

U.S. foundations make significant investments in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. This snapshot captures support from a sample of 512 foundations for a range of issues and focus areas in Philanthropy Northwest’s six-state region.

This report is a snapshot of 22,291 grants, totaling $1.3 billion, from 512 community, corporate, family, independent and operating foundations. This set does not include grants below $1,000, cash and in-kind donations, impact investments or grants made to individuals. For community foundations, this set includes only discretionary grants and a sample of donor-advised grants provided by those funders.

Analysis is based on data submitted to Foundation Center between November 2015 and September 2016 by 107 foundations based in the Northwest ($955 million total giving to the region) and 405 foundations from outside the Northwest ($337 million total giving to the region). Two-thirds of the data in this report reflect FY2014 awards; one-third reflect FY2013. Dollar figures may represent the full authorized amount of the grant or the amount paid in that year, depending on how the foundation reports its activity.