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January 2024 | Philanthropy Northwest

Happy New Year! At Philanthropy Northwest and The Giving Practice, our team of staff and consultants are excited to see what 2024 holds for our organization and our sector.

Last year as a network we sought to reimagine philanthropy. Together, we leaned into feelings of joy and courage,...

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July 2023 | The Giving Practice

For leaders in philanthropy working to advance racial equity with their organizations, Can we talk about…? a podcast on leading for racial equity in philanthropy offers not a roadmap or checklist but stories – honest reflections, bold moves, aha moments, moments of fear, discomfort, joy and levity — to guide and support you along your journey. 

Philanthropy Northwest
May 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023
All day

New CEOs in philanthropy are not only navigating the expected leadership challenges that come with every CEO role, but also becoming familiar with their communities, organizations, staff, board members and, in some cases, the philanthropic sector. This cohort is designed for leaders new to their...

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Philanthropy Northwest
February 9, 2023
10:00am to 3:00pm

When many of us are feeling isolated and exhausted, the concept of radical rest and the inextricable link between self-healing and social justice is the most important aspect of social change.

Shawn Ginwright, Ph.D. returns to the NW Children's Forum to share his practical wisdom,...

Light blue background. Title on top left "NW Children's Foundation presents our 2023 Forum" with NW children's Foundation logo top right. Centered in the middle says "Healing-Centered Practices & Childhood Trauma" with the date, time and photos of kids.
November 2022 | Philanthropy Northwest

The news plays a core role in people’s lives, but over time local and daily newspapers have closed their doors, leaving local residents less informed and connected to key issues that affect their communities. Recognizing this issue, funders in Central Washington created The Yakima Free Press...

Thumbnail of Washington Bright Spot: Philanthropy Addressing a Local Press in Decline
Philanthropy Northwest
June 23, 2022
10:00am to 11:30am

Though the prevalence of mental health problems does not differ between rural and urban populations, mental health supports are less readily available in rural areas. In addition to this, the uptake of innovative approaches to mental health care has not been as consistent in rural areas as it...

Image of a farm land and homestead in Sublimity, Oregon
April 2022 | Philanthropy Northwest

Philanthropy Northwest is pleased to announce Jill Nishi as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective July 11, 2022. Philanthropy Northwest is an innovative philanthropic network of more than 180 grantmakers and foundations that facilitates shared learning, fosters sector collaboration and manages a national consulting team, The Giving Practice. 

Jill Nishi Headshot