Virtual Roundtable: Momentum Fellowship CEOs

Virtual Roundtable: Momentum Fellowship CEOs


Our "virtual roundtable" interviews feature a group of leaders from across our network who work on a common issue area, illuminating the diversity of place-based approaches to the shared topic. We kicked this series off in February with the CEOs of five healthcare conversion foundations, then continued in March with the Pacific Northwest's seven statewide nonprofit associations, April with four arts funders, May with five rural funders, and June with four philanthropic banks.

For July, we interviewed leaders of five foundations supporting Philanthropy Northwest's Momentum Fellowship, a leadership program designed to encourage professionals from underrepresented communities, particularly communities of color, to pursue careers in philanthropy. All five CEOs had participated in our first peer learning cohort on diversity, equity and inclusion in 2014, in partnership with D5 Coalition, then agreed to host this inaugural cohort of Momentum Fellows at their organizations: Marguerite Casey Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, The Oregon Community Foundation, Pride Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation.*

Kris Hermanns

Pride Foundation
Racial equity has become an important focus area for LGBTQ philanthropy. Pride Foundation works with Momentum Fellow Kim Sogge, who began her fellowship in Seattle, then moved to its Portland, Oregon office. MORE>>

Diane Kaplan

Rasmuson Foundation
Focused on promoting a better life for all Alaskans, Rasmuson Foundation welcomed the perspective of Momentum Fellow Kelsey Potdevin, an Alaska Native of Athabascan heritage. MORE>>

Doug Stamm

Meyer Memorial Trust
As it pivoted to an equity-first philanthropy strategy for Oregon, Meyer Memorial Trust decided to host three Momentum Fellows: Marcelo Bonta, Sharon Wade Ellis and Katherine Porras.  MORE>>

Luz Vega-Marquis

Marguerite Casey Foundation
Overseeing a national portfolio of grantees focused on helping low-income families and community organizers, Marguerite Casey Foundation has deployed Seattle-based Momentum Fellows Janelle Choi and Elizabeth Posey to site visits and meetings across the country.  MORE>>

Max Williams

The Oregon Community Foundation
Seeking genuine, authentic relationships with underrepresented communities across the state, The Oregon Community Foundation partnered with Momentum Fellow Dalian Yates.  MORE>>


*Northwest Health Foundation CEO Nichole Maher, working with Momentum Fellow Eduardo Moreno, was not available to participate in this roundtable.

We'll be bringing you additional virtual roundtables on a regular basis throughout the year. To suggest a theme, email Nicole Neroulias Gupte, senior communications manager.